Roleplay Guide Magazine

Roleplay Guide Magazine

The first issue of 2012

Each month Roleplay Guide Magazine focuses on a particular role-play genre, which in the past included supernatural, sci-fi, Harry Potter and Medieval fantasy role-play.

This issue RPG examines the world of Gor in SL:

Online Safety: The Big Red X
Realm Review: Hammerfest on the Vosk
Lore and History: Sword and Planet, a Gorean Primer
Arms and Armory: The Gladius
Characters: Beyond the Veil: The Psyche of the Gorean Free Woman
RP University: Villain Archetypes of Gor

Publishers note:

“As always, it is our role at RPG to investigate and illuminate. We write, not to endorse or condemn lifestyle choices, but to entertain and hopefully, at times, educate our audience about the art and state of role-play in a virtual world.

“We hope our readers find the articles in this issue written responsibly, and with respect for those who role-play in Gor, as well as non-biased and informative for those not familiar with the Counter-Earth and its saga.”

Cover photography by Lita Menges