The Grove Country Club Estates and Outrageous Glamour announce a cooperative endeavor.

The Grove Country Club Estates and Outrageous Glamour announce a cooperative endeavor.

Sometimes, magic happens. A collaboration of quality, careful planning, and an overall dedication to creative excellence peaks into an event that elevates what is already great into something truly unique.

The Grove Country Club Estates (The Grove), a private, country club themed residential community, and Outrageous Glamour (OGlam), a Second Life fashion and style marketing innovator, today announce a cooperative agreement signaling a move towards merging aspects of their organizations. Together The Grove and Oglam will provide the Second Life community the convenience of elegant, luxury living combined with a newly enhanced shopping experience in a collaboration unlike anything else in-world.

“About a year ago, I visited The Grove and since the very first moment I was amazed at what my eyes discovered. Since that day, I dreamed to be a part of this community, not only as a resident but as a partner. The community created by Umberto Giano speaks for itself, with it’s stunning beauty, and OGlam sees this collaboration as a bridge to the future,” states OGlam CEO, Matteo Bettencourt.

The OGlam organization plans to move its headquarters and newly renovated mall to a location adjacent to The Grove March 31st, and will, in essence, form a single living experience for residents and shoppers alike. The community will be connected for traveling convenience via roadways and waterways expanding the unique residential options offered by The Grove into a fully functioning community replete with activities for a wide range of tastes and interests.

Benefits include a soon-to-be-expanded shopping center and more open water for sailing for Grove residents, while The Grove provides OGlam with new options in terms of prims, space and venues for the innovative shows OGlam is known for producing.

Both groups retain full ownership of their respective interests and stress this is a cooperative agreement between The Grove and OGlam meant to provide benefits to both parties that come with proximity and an occasional sharing of resources. Both organizations will retain full autonomy as to sim ownership, resources, and staffing. For customers, clients and residents of The Grove and OGlam, this ensures a smooth transition and the continuation of excellent communication and customer service that both brands have come to represent through their dedication and strong work.

“I have respected Vixie and Matteo’s work ethic, as well as the quality they represent as a brand, for some time now,” says The Grove’s owner, Umberto Giano. “I am excited to work with them on joint projects in the future.”

The first such project has already been implemented as two of The Grove’s resident builders fabricate a new mall and runway theater on the OGlam sim creating a unique, upscale shopping experience in a stunning and relaxing environment. This brings new dimension within the Mediterranean themed community The Grove has come to represent and be known for amongst Second Life’s most discerning residents. “Umberto’s contributions to the SL community have been phenomenal, and OGlam is honored to join in this venture with The Grove,” says OGlam CMO, Vixie Rayna. “Our mutual respect and admiration make for a wonderfully supportive environment to create and work collaboratively. We know together great things are possible.”

Giano agrees, “We look forward to the synergy created by this cooperation and hope to continue to enhance the living experience for Second Life’s residents by bringing you unique experiences and locations to explore.”

Please be sure to stay on the look out for the upcoming details on the opening week calendar for community events that will allow you some of the first opportunities to experience this collaboration.


About The Grove Country Club Estates:

Created by an amazing team of Second Life’s most talented builders, The Grove is the premier residential community in SL. No other community in Second Life offers the same level of realism and aesthetically pleasing surroundings for your virtual community experience. A magnificent Mediterranean style community featuring expansive parcels for the country gentleman or lady. The estate’s grounds are expertly terraformed and landscaped to provide privacy, while maintaining fully-drivable roads and waterways connecting residents to one another and the estate’s amenities, which include the club house, parks, a yacht marina, Common Grounds coffee house, a three-sim stadium, the romantic Casablanca Bay Beach and more.

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About Outrageous Glamour:

OGlam INC., established in 2010 by Matteo Bettencourt, CEO is a full-service company with an innovative agency, top-notch modeling academy and exclusive shopping district. Their team brings fashion-forward and creative concepts to runway productions and marketing in Second Life. OGlam excels in what has been called the most comprehensive academy in SL, thanks to the dedication of it’s instructors and alumni. The shopping district houses some of the most notable brands in SL who share exclusive creations and special event sales for OGlam shoppers.

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