Feed Your Ego

Feed Your Ego

Saturday 17th March 9am-3pm SLT


Combining fashion and fun, music and style and offering a helping hand to impoverished kids in Kenya, the ‘Feed Your Ego’ event has been organized in partnership between fashion brand Egoisme and BOSL Radio.

Visit famed fashion and skin store ‘Egoisme’ for a day of partying and giveaways, plus every hour, two lucky and random visitors to the sim will receive a totally free makeover courtesy of Ramses Meredith, CEO of Egoisme.

The winners will be able to choose a skin, a complete outfit and jewellery for a whole new fresh spring look!

Music and entertainment will be provided throughout the day by the award winning team at BOSL Radio and the whole event will act as a fundraiser for the ‘Feed a Smile’ charity too.

*Photo of Ramses Meredith by himself

Warning: SL Hackers

SL is being attacked by hackers.

Don’t accept objects, don’t click on links or grant. Don’t accept random gift cards, you can get hacked and lose your account and lindens. Should you get a message that begins like this: “The new store of my brother :)” and a link to visit, DO NOT CLICK, it’s a program that will steal your data and your account. Just close the message. If you clicked on the link, send an immediate report to Linden Labs they are already on alert

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