The Drax Files: Virtual Chemistry

Virtual Chemistry

It is really amazing to me how Second Life can be used in a variety of ways including as a teaching tool in classrooms. I wished Second Life was used in all my classes when I was back in school. I would probably love learning and do my homework more. Video and Interview by Draxtor Depres and I can see a brief segment of the video shot at Rico’s Tea House. Yay. ❤

OMG, It’s Torley Linden!


OMG, It’s Torley Linden!

We are so honored Torley Linden visited our home and Rico’s Tea House. As you can see, Edi is like awed, shocked and captured in his fan  girl moment. Edi vowed to do two things. This day is now declared Torley Linden Day on our land in honor of his visit and we are going to have a plaque made with two foot prints saying ”Torley Stood here” and put it in the floor. Hehe! Torley took some pics of the sim and they are awesome. Check his Flickr. Last week, we got a tip in the tip jar from Guy Linden in the tea house. 😀 Yay.

Thank you to everyone who came and visited Rico’s Tea House. We are overjoyed and floored with the warm compliments and support. Everyone is welcome and we hope you come and visit us again. Go “like” us on the SL Destination Guide Page. Ty. ❤

Rico’s Tea House:

My Modelling Farewell


Yesterday, once and for all, I finally decided to hang up my modelling career in Second Life. I have been semi-retired for a long time now, always still have one foot inside the door occasionally doing shows, magazine prints and vendor ads for friends. I just cant see myself doing shows anymore and even doing magazine prints and vendor pictures seems like a chore. The fun and excitement is no longer there and for better or worse, the Second Life Fashion Industry is much different now.

As I left my agencies and designer groups one by one, I was filled with bittersweet emotions. I can honestly say that I’ve had the time of my life. Though it was full of UPS and DOWNS, I’ve had very little regrets and I have always been true to myself. I’ve met a lot of wonderful friends from around the world; some I would call family which taught me love, kindness and acceptance. I’ve met enemies as well which taught me to be brave, strong and to stand up for myself and those I love. I have always been shy and quiet in RL but being a model in Second Life taught me confidence, self-respect and perseverance. It also taught me an important lesson: All the awards and supertags, all the VIP titles and Elite memberships, all the exclusive invites to events, etc… absolutely DOES NOT MATTER in the end. I have been a member of many top agencies and designer groups, been honored with many awards and magazine cover features and there was a time when I was winning every contest I entered (or at least top3) but you know what? In 10-20 years time, no one will remember or care. I believe what matters are the lasting friendships we’ve made that transcends into real life. How you treat people matters because they will always remember kindness even in a virtual world. What matters the most are the people I’ve met all over the world.

I want to thank everyone who had supported my SL modelling career and gave me chances and opportunities. Thank you for believing in me and helping me accomplished all my dreams and goals. Thank you to every single one of my modelling and magazine agencies and designer groups that I’ve had the honor and pleasure to be part of. There are so many people to mention but you know who all of you are. With all my heart and sincerity, I can’t thank you enough and I wish you all love and success in both lives.

I will still be in Second Life from time to time but behind the scenes focusing on artistic projects and magazine articles. You need a model? This old fart is retired. LOL :p


RicoRacer Flux

strip’d Fashion NEW JEANS!

So I probably shouldn’t say this, but what the heck…I hate making jeans. There, I said it and from what I have heard of other designers they don’t care for it much either. All the different parts, details, washes, rips, fabric, pockets, belt loops…ugh. Give me a dress or top any day and I will bag it out fantastically!

But I will digress.

People have been telling me for a good while now to make some jeans, so my thinking is, if you design it — they will come. SO COME ON AND BUY THEM!

149Ls – Single

450Ls – Fatpack

Inworld Store –

MP –

TOO SEXY Magazine August 2012


COVER MODEL: RicoRacer Flux
PHOTOGRAPHER: Julie Hastings

We celebrate Mesh in a big way – from hair to shoes to home decorating to our Hot List! Is it love or lust? Which Glee girl are you – find out in our quiz and so so so much more in this gorgeous issue! ALL ABOUT MESH..where to find the best MESH items in the grid.

I just want to extend my deepest gratitude to Jordan Whitt and TOO SEXY Magazine Staff for giving me the opportunity of being in the cover and centerfold of TOO SEXY Magazine Aug 2012 Issue. It is really such an honor and I am very ecstatic and excited with how it turned out. The COVER is FANTASTIC…the super talented Julie Hastings made me look sizzling and soulful. Thank you Julie. Thank you so much again Too Sexy Magazine. ❤

MEET MVW Mr. India 2012: TymonAlexander



Greetings everyone ,  My name Is Tymonalexander 27 years old , a Hair stylist & make up artist  in my real life . I was born in Morocco and  I spent my life  traveling  between France , Spain , and I eventually landed in Belgium , where I have lived for 4 years now .  This is where my  versatile and eclectic  personality, tastes, styles comes from . Sl for me  is  place where people come after work to have some fun and meet nice people and enjoy they times.

My time in sl  is spent between styling, shopping , working  on my Androgynous magazine, going and watching shows , dancing or just talking with my close friends, who I love to pieces they will recognize themselves♥  cause even though it is a virtual world,  we all need support  and people you trust and count on around  you .

I joined  Mister Virtual World  because it seems to be a very unique and exciting experience  to try and I confirm it is .  It push you to your limits and even gets you to see the finest details and become a true perfectionist at your styling and fitting abilities . You learn to search deep  inside your inspiration  to come up  with something new  and different . I become where I will be prepared for anything,  anywhere . But my own main goal for me is for tolerance and freedom , be YOU .

I think what I bring  to the competition  is my eclectic styling which is multicultural and to show people who I am and what I am made of.  I love to help people learn and be the best they can be.

“If i win ” ?  I’ve already won , because I was chosen as candidate and  it means we are all potentially winners and have skills to be  Mister Virtual . It all depends on a few details which can be very a little to make the difference and the judges choices .

But if I get the title, I would do what I do everyday, which is try be inspiration to people ,  help organizations, associations and charities .  I would thank all the people who work so hard in SL for others, Like relay for life, Ashraya, Feed Smiles, Breast Cancer Awareness , Aids Awareness, No Hate , Suicide Prevention and so many more . We do help people and there are always so many that need promotion, people to donate time and lindens too, anything I can help with and be a part of is my honor to do so.

To finish this interview  I would say to all the candidates,  good luck and it is a great honor to be with you guys in this journey .

Have a Great  Week
mister v INDIA 2012


Photographer   tymonalexander  .
Hair : Yasyn’s Honest Fauxhawk – Seal Brown
Jacket : [NSD] Napoleon Jacket
~Tableau Vivant~ Dean jeans – Pants layer
TEN”10 Megas boot mesh black


PURPLEMOON Styling Contest


Celebrating PurpleMoon’s 3rd Anniversary we are holding a styling photo contest to give our customers the possibility of winning lots of outstanding prizes from our sponsors: PurpleMoon, KittyCatS, WetCat, White Widow, Finesmith, Amorous, Denver’s, Melu Deco and Pura Vida.

We would like to get to know you better, we want to see how you recreate our creations, how you mix and match our clothing, how original and creative you can be.

If you are willing to show us your side of our beloved PurpleMoon, please read the instructions carefully and join us!


We ask you to style a look wearing PurpleMoon clothing following any of the themes we propose for this contest: Boho Chic – Casual Contemporary – Vintage – Formal Classic

* Each contestant can submit up to 4 (four) pictures.They can be different themes or all the same.
* These pictures must be submitted to our Flickr Pool and in the description should be stated the theme of your choice and a complete styling card of the items worn. Pictures will not be accepted in world or any other way.
* Accessories and hair can belong to other brands. Clothing must be PurpleMoon only. More PM you wear, more chances to win!
* Any current or previous collections are allowed. Discounted items and gifts also.
* Picture size suggested 1024 x 1024 pixels. Other sizes will be accepted but please keep the resolution high. We really want to see your work in a proper way!
* Deadline: June 27th
* Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges and they will be announced at our Anniversary Party on June 30th at 2PM.



*L$5000 cash + PurpleMoon Store credit for L$3000.
*L$5000 Gift Card from KittyCatS
*L$1000 gift card to White Widow make-ups by Julie Hastings
*L$1000 gift card from Amorous Jewelry & Accessories by Matchbook Monday
*L$1000 Gift Card from Finesmith Designs by Yula Finesmith
*4 (four) sets of poses and L$250 Gift Card from WetCat Builds & Poses by wetcat Flux
* Winner’s photo of look by professional photographer Magissa Denver from Denver’s Photo Studio
* Winning look photo to be displayed in the PurpleMoon Main Store.
* Gorgeous vintage furniture set from Melu Deco Furniture by Melusina Parkin
* Gift Certificate for a couple’s massage from Pura Vida Wellness Resort by CEO Tosha Bergan


*L$3000 cash + PurpleMoon Store credit for $L2000
*L$2000 Gift Card from KittyCatS
*L$1000 gift card to White Widow make-ups by Julie Hastings
*L$500 gift card from Amorous Jewelry & Accessories by Matchbook Monday
*L$500 Gift Card from Finesmith Designs by Yula Finesmith
*2 (two) sets of poses and L$250 Gift Card from WetCat Builds & Poses by wetcat Flux
* Gorgeous vintage furniture set from Melu Deco Furniture by Melusina Parkin.
* Gift Certificate for a single’s massage from Pura Vida Wellness Resort by CEO Tosha Bergan


*L$2000 cash + PurpleMoon Store credit for L$1000
*L$1000 Gift Card from KittyCatS
*L$500 gift card to White Widow make-ups by Julie Hastings
*L$250 gift card from Amorous Jewelry & Accessories by Matchbook Monday
*L$250 Gift Card from Finesmith Designs by Yula Finesmith
*1 (one) sets of poses and L$250 Gift Card from WetCat Builds & Poses by wetcat Flux
* Gorgeous vintage furniture set from Melu Deco Furniture by Melusina Parkin.
* Gift Certificate for a single’s massage from Pura Vida Wellness Resort by CEO Tosha Bergan

MEET MVW Mr. United Kingdom 2012: World Undercroft

Please give a warm WELCOME to Mr. United Kingdom 2012


I have given all the gentlemen the same series of questions in the interview so it is fair. I wanted to learn about them in SL, why they entered MVW, what can they bring to the competition and what would they do with the title if they win. I hope this will help us get to know them more and what they are all about.

Please feel free to give them your love and support. ❤


I started Second Life in January 2008 with a close friend who shared my passion for places where you could create, where you could express yourself in any way imaginable, be it by a character or by surrounding.  Today, though he has left the game, I still find the excitement of getting a plane past a sim crossing or driving a motorcycle up impossible places. I still enjoy the simple things in SL and also enjoy the impossibles.

I think I try to bring to Mister Virtual World the uncommon, I love a challenge and especially love to challenge myself. It took a while for me to  see clothing not as female or male, but as distinct parts. Every outfit can tell a story if you allow it, and I hope to do my best and tell my story with the best Male models on the grid.

If I win MVW this year, I would like to step up my charity work for RFL and figure out a better way to help them. I also would like to step up my activities for the models workshop and feel the energy from the new models, and to continue my driving through Morris, Fame, and Oak Grove just like in 2008. I don’t want to change, I just want to get better.


Nuuna’s skin
Nuuna’s Glam rocker makeup in gold
Eyes creepy black eyes Nuuna’s (Halloween set)
Vitas Boudoir Kiss my asp pants, shirt
Eshi Otawara carved leather catsuit tshirt layer
Hair and arm tassles Checkmate (black) by Eshi Otawara
[sYs] Psylo – Purple collar and belt
spine element with spikes shine Grim Bros
[NeurolaB Inc.] Fatality Electro boots


Face of *VoguE* 2012

Face of *VoguE* 2012

Year 2012 marked VoguE Fashion 2nd Year Anniversary. In celebration the brand will be launching its’ first Pageant Contest “Face of VoguE 2012″ starting from May 2012. The still growing brand has over 13,000 members to thank for its’ growth.
The brand believes beauty needs to be celebrated, hoping in search for some unique individuals whom are beyond a pretty face. The pageant focuses not only on physical beauty of it’s contestants. The ultimate person the pageant is looking for must incorporate personality, intelligence, integrity and creativity.
She will be the brand ambassador in every public event, show, media and showcasing VoguE’s collections in the brand’s official blog and modelling for the brand in every possible show.
VoguE is most honored to be have on board as sponsors the following renowed brand and media owners.
BOSL (Main Sponsor ~ Media/Venue)
FINESMITH (Sponsor ~ Jewellery)
WTG (Sponsor ~ Jewellery)
BLISS Couture (Sponsor ~ Hair)
May 25th – June 7th 2012
50 entries each, 20 shortlisted candidates each for a final audition
For more information you can visit:

ASHRAYA Project Photo Contest

THE ASHRAYA PROJECT PHOTO CONTEST:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


1) Take a beautiful photo of yourself or your friends wearing at least two exclusive items created for and available at The Ashraya Project Fashion Fair:…

2) Feel free to mix different exclusive items sold at The Ashraya Project but keep in mind that it’s NOT ALLOWED to change the original colors, textures or shape of the items.

3) You can submit a maximum of 3 entries (each one wearing different items from The Ashraya Project), and all the photos MUST be taken at The Ashraya Project sims.

4) Post Processing is allowed but not required to join the contest. Minimum size of the photos must be 1024×1024 pixels.

5) More then one people can appear in the photo. However, only one person will be eligible to win (where not indicated, the photographer will be the only one considered eligible to win).

6) Deadline for submissions is June 1, 2012 at 12.00 PM SLT.
The winner will be announced June 4, at The Ashraya Project Closing Party.

7) Join the The Ashraya Project Photo Contest group on Flick to submit your entries:

8) Name your photos “The Ashraya Project Photo Contest – Your Name – Number of the entry”.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The Ashraya Project reserves the right to disqualify who doesn’t respect the rules: please follow them carefully.

The photos will be judged by a panel of professional photographers, stylists and members of The Ashraya Project Staff, based on creativity, style and respect of the rules.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


– 1st prize:

Giftcards and special prizes from The Ashraya Project Designers for a total amount of 15.000 L$.

Feature as winner on The Best Of SL Magazine.

Feature on The Ashraya Project article, Haute Magazine.

Honorable mention “Best Photographer of The Ashraya Project 2012″.

– 2nd prize:

Giftcards and special prizes from The Ashraya Project Designers for a total amount of 8.000 L$

Feature on The Ashraya Project article, Haute Magazine.

– 3rd prize:

Giftcards and special prizes from The Ashraya Project Designers for a total amount of 5.000 L$

Feature on The Ashraya Project article, Haute Magazine.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Have fun!

The Ashraya Project

-Ur WORLD SL- Picture of the Week 5/13/2012


MAY 13TH 2012

Photo by Nikka Genira



Each week, we shall give out an award to one picture in the group which shall be selected as our picture of the week, and will be featured on the flickr group home page, UrWorld Blog and



::::: VITAMEN Fashion Show :::::

 KING of BULGE ~Based on Gay Porn Fantasy~ in tou-Gen-kyo sim ( Gay Adult Sim)

*The 1st runway JST – 13:00 to 14:00 on Sun 13 May.2012 SLT – 21:00 to 22:00 on Sat 12 May.2012

*The 2nd runway JST – 21:00 to 22:00 on Sun 13 May.2012 SLT – 05:00 to 06:00 on Sun 13 May.2012

Event Place

-Ur World SL- Video Commercial: REDGRAVE

-UR WORLD SL- Video Commercial: REDGRAVE


A UrWorld Production from REDGRAVE Skins & Fashions in Second Life

REDGRAVE Miles Sneakers – Available at Redgrave in Second Life on May 11th 2012

Model: RicoRacer Flux
Producer: Editorial Clarity
Location: Downtown LA Sim (Second Life)

If you want a Commercial done for your Second Life needs, contact Editorial Clarity.

F R E A K !!! by RicoRacer Flux

F R E A K !!!

Be unique and let your inner creativity and passion SHINE.
People who are jealous or feel threatened will try and knock you down.
Never mind them ‘cuz they surely don’t matter in your fabulous universe.
Be Yourself. Be a FREAK and be damn proud of it. 🙂

MODEL: RicoRacer Flux
PHOTOGRAPHER: Nancy Deimatov

FASHION: SoliDea FoliEs – Murder, My Sweet.
A million appreciation and gratitude to Mila Tatham of SoliDea FoliEs for making this special outfit for our latest Fashion Teller book – MURDER, My Sweet. I love the outfit. It is unique in it’s style and simplicity yet it makes a bold statement that is hard to miss. I AM DIFFERENT. I AM ME…love it or leave it. ❤

I really love Mila’s creations because it is so unique yet visually beautiful and alluring. Her amazing designs follow no one and don’t need any excuses or explanations. It was an honor to work with her in FT – Murder, My Sweet book and we are hoping to work with her on more projects.

MURDER, My Sweet will be published in a couple of days.
It will be something you’ve never seen before in SL. I promise.
Stay Tuned.

-UrWorld- Second Life Inworld Group

-UrWorld SL- Inworld Group

Come join the -UrWorld SL- Group: A brand new inworld group to advertise your Second Life World and everything you are about. Share your styling, blogs, store, events, shows, contests, castings, magazine and whatever you want to advertise.

This is my hubby’s baby and we got some great plans for the group in the near future! Can Join by copy and pasting the link below into your browser/chat box inworld or simply search – UrWorld – in groups , and hopefully we can make this into something great :)


You can also find the group in RicoRacer Flux or Editorial Clarity’s groups and join.

BeStyle MAGAZINE April 2012 Issue

Bestyle April issue!!!!

A BeStyle Fashion Style…another great issue from my sister Agtaope Carter: editor, owner and Gm!

On Cover:
Velvetrythms has become one of the most coveted brands in the
SL world with a wide range of uniques product lines, including haute couture fashions and shoes.
Today, Velvetori is a status symbol, offering high-fashion modern designs. Using the same principles applied to its fashion lines – innovation, quality, and detail – she created an equally luxurious collection and now she is also a real designer !! What a success!!! 
We are so proud, in this issue to introduce her new line collection, its simply fabulous!

We shall focus also this month our favorite brand with a private interview with Poulet and her Purplemooon’s brand.

All you want to know about modeling from me, do not miss the article!!!

We have also many new articles from our best models !

The holidays continue for ever in the world of the dream and now we can dream in the gypset mood with the new GYPSET Market on the District !
Its just the START

Elfhame Photo Contest 2012

Elfhame Photo Contest 2012

Elfhame Photo Contest 2012 -Group
———————————————————————- —————–



アバターネーム-Elfhame Photo contest 2012-写真タイトル

Discotheque Saloon GLAM SLAM
Owner: Prince Rogers Nelson (mayte Flanagan)

ダンスホール-自遊空間『FRONTIER 』
Owner: toroi

———————————————————————- ——————
Photo contest will be held at the end of four Elfhame be renewed in 2012.
Deadline is May 6 (Sun).
Photos should be taken as limiting the landscape of the Elfhame of the end of April.
Suppose you apply by post to the group pool.

18,000L total prize money of $

1st runner up:5,000L$
2nd runner up: 1,000L$ ×3

The title of the photo, please apply as described below.
“Your SL Account name”-Elfhame Photo contest 2012-“Photo title”

Announcement of the winners is done in this flickr group.

Good luck. :)))

Discotheque Saloon GLAM SLAM
Owner: Prince Rogers Nelson (mayte Flanagan)

Dance hall – own play space “FRONTIER”
Owner: toroi

———————————————————————- ——————-

Please refer to the photocontest that I held last time in Elfhame.

Please apply with the photograph which you photographed in Elfhame.
The photograph which I do not photograph in Elfhame is invalid.




The NEW lovechild of Artist & Designer Eliza Wierwight…… WILDCHILD & MUSE.  Second Life citizens will discover premium Art Couture and Pret a Porter ranges that are feminine, seductive, unique and a little bit wild. Don’t worry men, I hear she will have a few designs coming out for the guys too. In case you are wondering why her name is so familiar. Eliza is the designer/maker of the fantastic high end furniture and home accessories called PATRON. I am so happy and very excited that she is now doing fashion. As you can see from the picture below, her designs are just amazing. I will be interviewing her on this blog very soon, so you can know a little bit about her and her new designs.
Join the Wildchild and Muse Group Inworld to be the the first to hear of the premier releases of these superb wearable artistic musings.

Tillie’s V4 Pose Stand

A new version of the Posingstand with HUD is available, the v4.

Current customers will get a free update. If you don’t get the delivery, drop me a notecard.

All else can get the new version here:

PoseFair 2012:


My Shop:

What’s new?

– Easier setup (everything except sets is gone from the notecard, configure stand id and permissions by click)
– Revamped UI
– 42 poses included, from Diesel Works and Glitterati
– Support for 25 sets per posing stand
– HUD can move around the lights
– Light and backdrop mode: the number buttons (1-10) now control the brightness (1=10%, 10=100%)
– Quick command button to send single commands (e.g. for setting light color: “LIGHT:darkmagenta”)
– See previous line – colors for light/backdrop support all webcolor names now:
So you can use SL style colors: “<1.,1.,1.>”, hex colors: “#ffffff” and web colors: “white”
– Autocycle button:
* In pose/set mode this will allow to switch to next pose every some seconds automatically
* In light and backdrop mode this will allow you to auto-cycle through all colors
– HUD displays chosen texture/color of the backdrop
– Pose buttons + pose name visible in minimized mode, too
– Improved feedback from lights and backdrop: colorname/number and texture/number are shown
– Simplified remote commands for your scripts

And some more changes and tweaks.

I Confess…

I went out tonight in the pouring rain with lightning and thunderstorms blazing across the sky. I’m cold and soaked through the bone, yet I feel numbed. I must have walked and walked for hours because when I finally stopped, I was miles and miles away from my house. In the past month or two, I’ve been thinking a lot about life in general, both RL and SL. I guess this has been a long time coming but tonight someone opened my eyes.

When I discovered SL, I was very depressed and probably at one of the lowest points of my life. I used to be a RL model and then one night, I was in a disfiguring accident that changed everything. It is funny how one thing that you never even see coming can totally change your whole life in an instant. I was so ashamed and I did not want anyone to see what I look like. I wanted to be someone else. I came to Second Life to heal and to bring back my self-esteem/self-confidence that I once had. SL Modeling afforded me that opportunity. I still can remember the joy and excitement as I wait backstage for my turn on the runway or feeling honored when I see my picture in the magazines or vendors. I am a pretty shy and private person, so it was never about the attention for me. Each castings and contests that I’ve gone through, it was for myself…a kind of validation for me that I can do it. Every win has given me back a sense of pride while every loss has only made me stronger and more humble. I’ve been very blessed in my modeling journey from being accepted at top agencies as well as winning coveted awards like BOSL Top Male Model, Maniera Men of Style/Ones to Watch, Mr. Moolto, MVW 2nd runner up and so on…… There was a time when modeling was the most important thing in my life. It was always what contest to win next or which agencies to aim for. I lost myself. I lost my friends and I lost focused on what’s important. I woke up and realize that all the supermodel tags, elite groups and coveted jobs in the world do not define me and my importance. All I needed is just to be myself and to accept my RL circumstance.  I look back now and I feel sad. What have I gained? Was it all worth it?

I shake my head sometimes when I see people placed so much importance on things that don’t matter. It sickens me how people behave in Second Life to get what they want. They act like spoiled children hiding behind their avatars: flexing their muscles, flaunting their successes, enforcing their delusions of power, stabbing each other on the back and treating each other badly. I honestly never encountered such blatant evil and cruelness until I came to Second Life. I mean how can someone you’ve helped so much and call a friend/brother tried to ruin your marriage because he fell in love with your husband, just two days after the marriage? Or a mentor you look up to professing his love for your husband just a couple of months after the wedding? I have no anger for you both. I forgive you and wish you true happiness in your lives. We all make mistakes including me and I’ll be the first one to admit that I am no Saint. If I ever did anyone wrong, then I am truly sorry. Just love each other and treat everyone with respect.

Now, back to tonight. As I write this, my mind keeps wavering whether I should go or stay. There are really many wonderful people in SL that I can call as real life friends. There’s still so much projects I promised that needed to be done but lately, I’ve been feeling that I need to focus now on Real Life. YOU MUST LIVE YOUR LIFE in the real world.  I’m at a crossroads and I honestly don’t know which path to take. I need a few days to think it over.

Thank you for listening to my Rant.