RicoRacer Flux & Editorial Clarity: Finntastic


RicoRacer Flux & Editorial Clarity: Finntastic

Our son Sachy asked Edi and I to model for his latest men’s designer release called FINN…an amazing jacket that is full of character and charm. It is mesh and can be worn alone or with the optional shirt. The jacket is super affordable and can be found on the market place until the new Strip’d Fashion store opens. 😀


MODELS: RicoRacer Flux-CLarity ❤ Editorial Clarity-FLux
PHOTOGRAPHER: Sachy Rexen Flux-Clarity
FASHION: Strip’d Jacket FINN



Featuring… PIDIDDLE! x *BOOM*

WHO: Fashionable Avi’s, Socialites, The Press, NYC VIP’s, Commuters & Residents
WHAT: Fashion Party in NYC. Meet the Designers. Get free gifts.
WHEN: This Sunday 6.10.12 @2pm SLT
WHERE: New York City [ maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New%20York%20City/107/50/23 ]
WHY: We invite you to New York City to experience an event with two of SL’s top makeup and clothing designers. New York City is hosting an event and collaboration between PIDIDDLE and *BOOM*. Fashionistas and glamourous socialites will all be in attendance.

Come down and mingle with the team here at New York City and get to know the visionary creators behind PIDIDDLE & *BOOM* while relaxing and partying with other guests. Get ready to wear your best style– it’s all about fashion. You will have the chance to discover latest releases and even try some of them…

Bring a friend or two at these amazing store while partying hard with SL’s finest. You may even land on the front page of NYC’s Online Magazine! For VIP access, IM Amalia Foxtrot.

To stay on top of New York City News & Events, don’t forget to join us only by registering at www.newyorkcitysl.com!

Second Life per l’Emilia

Second Life per l’Emilia

Come accaduto per l’Abruzzo e per il Giappone, alcuni designer e i musicisti di Second Life desiderano mandare il loro contributo alle popolazioni dell’Emilia colpite dal terremoto.
Il 5 e 6 giugno MIC – Imagin@rium & Atlantide Arts Exhibition hanno ospitato un CONCERTO LIVE di Lollo String, Viviana Houston e Ridha Ibrahim, il cui ricavato sarà devoluto interamente all’Emilia, tramite Roma Capitale che ha aperto un conto corrente apposito per la raccolta delle donazioni alle vittime del terremoto.

Dal 9 al 13 giugno al MIC – Imagin@rium invece si terrà Intercoiffur Virtual World – GLI STILISTI E I DESIGNER PER L’EMILIA
Nelle stesse date si svolgerà a Roma il 21° IDC World Congress (Roma Intercoiffure 2012) un mega-evento in cui i giovani protagonisti dell’hairdresser esprimeranno le loro idee, presentando la loro creatività e contribuendo al continuo ed intelligente evolversi delle tendenze.
MIC – Imagin@rium si affianca all’iniziativa, presentando le proposte di alcuni designer di Second Life, che dal 9 al 13 giugno metteranno in vendita le loro creazioni alla Domus romana con un piccolo sconto, e il cui ricavato sarà devoluto interamente all’Emilia.
Gli stilisti parteciperanno alle riprese di un video-machinima che verrà in seguito pubblicato sul sito dell’Intercoiffur.
As happened in the Abruzzo and Japan, some designers and musicians in Second Life want to send their contributions to the populations affected by the earthquake of Emilia.
On June 5 and 6 MIC – Imagin @ terium Atlantis Arts & Exhibition hosted a LIVE CONCERT Lollo String, Viviana Houston and Ridha Ibrahim, whose proceeds will be donated entirely to Emilia, via Roma Capitale has opened a special bank account for collecting donations for the earthquake victims.

From June 9 to 13 at MIC – Imagin @ terium instead be held Intercoiffur Virtual World – THE DESIGNERS AND DESIGNER FOR EMILIA
In the same dates will be held in Rome on 21 ° IDC World Congress (Rome Intercoiffure 2012) a mega-event in which the young protagonists dell’hairdresser express their ideas, showing their creativity and contributing to the continuous evolution and intelligent trends.
MIC – Imagin @ auditorium joins the initiative by presenting proposals for some of the designers of Second Life, June 9 to 13 that will put their creations for sale to the Roman Domus with a small discount, and proceeds will go entirely to ‘Emilia.
The designers will participate in the filming of a video-machinima that will be subsequently published on the site dell’Intercoiffur.

Solo Evane Mix and Match Contest 2012

Solo Evane Mix and Match Contest 2012

What is it?

Do you always style to the nines between different designer’s to create a one of a kind look? Is styling uniquely your claim to fame? Then the SoloEvane Model Agency with the help of our sponsors Blacklace, Chop Zuey, Gizza, Les Petits Details *LpD*, and *SoliDea FoliEs* are sponsoring a grid wide Mix and Match modeling contest and model search. Men? You are strongly encouraged to participate. For the first round you will need to create your unique style using the above five designers. Don’t stay with one, use as many as you can, because the contest is about blending to create outfits that are uniquely YOU.

The SoloEvane Mix and Match Contest 2012 has two stages.

First stage is to style your unique look and send the picture. Second stage is a live walk off in front of the judges and audience.

When is it?

On June 17th 2012 at midnight SLT, we will close the contest to new submissions of pictures and our sponsors and Solo Evane executives will choose the finalists for the final round of the event which will be held on June 24th 2012.

Who wins it and Whats in it for you?

At the final event, from this group of finalist, the sponsors will choose the Top three models, and the prizes will be awarded on ranking:

– First Place: 12500 L$ in cash and giftcards from our sponsors and will be invited to join the Solo Evane Modeling Agency.

– Second Place: 7500 L$ in cash and giftcards from our sponsors.

– Third Place: 5000 L$ in cash and giftcards from our sponsors.

More info here: soloevane.wordpress.com/2012/06/03/solo-evane-mix-and-mat…
Credit: texture JoesSistah www.flickr.com/photos/27805557@N08/