Grand Opening of the Redesigned Alb Dream Fashion Store

to the
Grand Opening of the Redesigned

•·.·´¯`·.·• ALB Dream Fashion •·.·´¯`·.·•

The store is remodeled, the sim is rebuilt. After weeks and weeks of hard work — fun work — Lina and me are done! Now is the time to CELEBRATE!!!!

We will have events throughout the morning, day and night of Thursday, March 1.

Fireworks and Live Music! Dancing and StoryTelling! Camel Tours of the Island or Mule Tours of Lamu Town! Fun and Friends!

AnaLee Balut


PATRON Salvaged Beauty


New releases at Patron.
Pictured Left to Right:

-Same perfect chairs, new Patron exclusive textures created by Eliza Wierwight. Inspiration for texture creation from beautiful blue & white oriental china. Two different patterns pictured. Harmonious blend.

-Salvaged Beauty Frame Art / Room Divider. Exquisite branches, with hanging charms of hearts, keys & sea shells. Tiny candles balanced on branches. Candles can be lit or extinguished. Frame is only two prim & is not linked & therefore optional. The focal piece alone looks beautiful simply hanging on a wall. Comes with shadow prim as seen in image to further enhance ambiance. Total organic hedonism this piece.

-Ornate Salvaged Birdcage & books. Single animated butterfly perched on top book. Option to turn on extra butterflies and have a subtle scattering in general environment.

-Prior release Blue & White China Raffles bowl of flowers on stand.

-Chunky style driftwood candles in varying sizes. These also come adorned with salvaged sea shells & other ethereal charms. Again these candles have the option to light or extinguish.

There is more to this the Salvaged Beauty Range than actually pictured here. As always, due to the designs being directly “Eliza Wierwight” they can be easily integrated into environments containing other Patron content. The continuity factor in being the actual Designer is that my pieces from different ranges are generally complimentary/interchangeable with one another. Peculiar but it works 🙂

Inworld Image raw with no enhancements.

NEW RELEASE: Azoury “Beth”

AZOURY – Beth ( out March 1 )

Spring is well, Beth is a city outfit composed of a top in lace and cotton pant. Pants have a setback with big round as a ground and the fabulous sandals in leather and straw.for accesory :Bag BETH .

top in :cream & red, black, yellow & red, saumon & orange

pants : red & green, green & pink,blue & pink, dark blue & brown, blue & red

sandals : colbalt,kaki ,red,black,brown

~ Passion & Allure Summer Fashion Week 2012 ~

~ Passion & Allure Summer Fashion Week 2012 ~

After an amazing success of the Winter Fashion Week…

….are you ready for an outstanding and breathtaking event in 2012? Imagine summer and long days, the sun high in the air and blue sky, beautiful women and bold men showcasing your awesome fashion. These are the trademarks of our show-set.

Passion Fashion Agency and Allure Inc. are proud to present the “Summer Fashion Week 2012” from 6th to 10th of June. Both agencies can present well organized and successful fashion shows and events for great brands in SL. More informations you will find on our websites: and

As one of the best Second Life fashion designers, we would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you, to join in this fabulous experience. We would be glad and proud if you join and we can create a remember able event together.

Flyer by Krise Shepherd

Farewell to edo Tone of Styles of edo

A Goodbye Letter from edo Tone

Hi my staffs, I worked in SL about 5years. My SL business is big still.And I got award every year. I was so lucky. But I havenot aim and I’m tired about SL business so much. I do not want to waste time in RL. And I have not failed in business yet. I would like to become a SL legend. I will leave from SL in April.(I gave SIM of Ekho to Chris already) I know my staffs are so good persons and good job. I will not employ you next month. I’m so sorry. I know this is big news for SL fashion world. I did not tell this news to many people. But you can talk it to anyone. I was not kind to you possibly. I’m so sorry.And I am thankful to you from the bottom of my heart. And you gave me good memories. I will not forget about you in RL. You were my SL dream. Because all big owners had many staffs in SL. Thank you so much! edo Tone

The Face of Menswear Fashion Week 2012

The Face of Menswear Fashion Week 2012

Menswear Fashion Week 2012 is returning March 23rd-31st, 2012! We want to find a new fresh face to represent MWFW 2012!
The Contest will run from February 2012 to March 2012 and comprise two parts.

The first part is a photo contest where we want to see your personal style and expression. We want you to take items from our contest sponsors and create an image that represents you. Be creative, Be Unique, Be Interesting, Be Expressive, Be You!

D.N.A Cloning Facility
Gizza Creations
Legal Insanity
Starchild Designs
Vaya Con Dios

From the photo entries 10 Semi-Finalist will be selected to compete in a runway finale. There will be three sections and one question to the runway finale.
1. Casually You: We want to see you and your casual style. You may select anything from your wardrobe to show you and your personal sense of everyday style.
2. Style Challenge: All of the semi-finalist will be given the same outfit and expected to accessorize and create your own vision and look.
3. Runway Fabulous: We want to see you at your couture best. There are no rules but to let your imagination run wild. Get creative and bring something interesting, unique, and original to the runway!

Photo Contest Rules:

1. Outfits must come from one of the above listed sponsors. Poses, Hair, Shoes, props, and Backgrounds may come from inventory or other places.

2. Each participant will submit 1 photo to the Siren Productions Flickr group. This photo should be labeled with your name and name of the competition (i.e. Lexie Jansma: Face of Menswear Fashion Week 2012). Models should also include complete style cards listing all items worn, pose, and photographer if photographer was not contestant.

3. The use of photoshop and other image manipulation software is allowed. All photos should be 1024 x 1024 or 2048 x 1024.

4. Images can be submitted between February 1st, 2012 and March 20th, 2012. Images submitted after this will be invalid. The 10 semi-finalist will be announced on the MWFW Flickr. Siren Productions Website, and the MWFW 2012 Website.

5. Contest winners will be selected by a panel of 5 judges comprised of members selected from sponsors. All decisions by judges are final. Arguing, complaining, or fighting will be grounds for disqualification and exclusion from the contest.

6. Siren Productions and partners reserve all rights to keep and use submitted images as they see fit without additional compensation to model and photographer.

7. Women are most certainely welcome to take part in the contest. However their styling, outfits, and choices should reflect menswear styling, outfits created for men, or unisex creations.

Runway Competition Rules:

1. All 10 finalist will walk in a final runway show on Saturday March 31st, 2012. A panel of 5 judges will make the final decision as to who the Face of Menswear Fashion Week 2012 is.

2. There will be 3 sections of competition and a question from the judges. During section C the contestants will be given a question to answer. This will be a text question and can be answered in text.
A. Casually You: We want to see you and your casual style. You may select anything from your wardrobe to show you and your personal sense of everyday style.
B. Style Challenge: All of the semi-finalist will be given the same outfit and expected to accessorize and create your own vision and look.
C. Runway Fabulous: We want to see you at your couture best. There are no rules but to let your imagination run wild. Get creative and bring something interesting, unique, and original to the runway!

3. Contestants will provide a short 3 to 5 sentence description for each of the three looks by March, 29 2012 or be disqualified from competition.

Photo Contest Prizes:

1. Top 10 winners will have their photos featured in Maniera Magazine

2. Top 10 winning images will be featured on blog as well as the MWFW 2012 Website.

3. Gift Certificate to several sponsors.
1000L Giftcard from Egoisme
500L Giftcard from Gizza Creations
500L Giftcards from Aleida

Grand Prize:

1. Cover, 6 Page Spread, and Interview in Scruplz Magazine
4 Page Spread and INterview in Maniera Magazine.

2. 20,000L Cash Prize from Siren Productions
20,000L Cash Prize from Gizza Creations

3. Host of other prizes from sponsors
Aleida: Entire Runway Collection from MWFW 2012
D.N.A Cloning Facility: Custom OOAK Skin
Egoisme: Entire Runway Collection from MWFW 2012
Gabriel: Entire Runway Collection from MWFW 2012
Gizza Creations: Entire Runway Collection from MWFW 2012
Havok: 5000L Giftcard
Legal Insanity: Entire Runway Collection from MWFW 2012
Rfyre: Entire Runway Collection from MWFW 2012
[sYs]: Entire Runway Collection from MWFW 2012
Starchild Designs: Entire Runway Collection from MWFW 2012
Vaya Con Dios: 1 Fatpack of Skins Winners Choice of Tone, 3
Fatpack of Hairbases, 3 Facial Hair of Winners Choice.
Zanzo: Donating All New Outfits Created for MWFW 2012

If you have further questions,or need further assistance please feel free to send me a notecard or to my assistant Garrett Ceriano. We will follow up with you.

Best regards,
Lexie Jansma
Siren Productions

MWFW 2016 Closing Weekend

*UrWorld* Picture Of The Week – Feb 26th 2012

Picture Of The Week – February 26th 2012

Photographer & Model: Elle Ahren



Each week, we shall give out an award to one picture in the group which shall be selected as our picture of the week, and will be featured on the flickr group home page and

On SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26TH 2012 – We Chose Elle Ahren as our Pic of the Week. Our next award will be given out on SUNDAY, MARCH 4TH 2012

Awarded Images can be found here –

MIX + MESH Spring Fashion Fair 2012

MIX + MESH Spring Fashion Fair 2012

AVENUE Models is proud to kickoff the pioneering event of Spring Fashion 2012, MIX + MESH. Join us as we celebrate with two weeks of fashion shows, a styling contest and parties.

MIX + MESH will kick-off this Saturday at The Grove with a sneak peak showcase of exclusive designs from each designer. Over the two weeks, there will be individual designer shows that promise to pique your shopping appetite with a state of the art shopping hud provided by Fashioncentric.

AVCON Productions Presents STREAMED Dreams





Katherine Comet
Clio Anatine
Steele Sirnah
Chelle Hawker
World Undercroft
Sazzy OH
Diana Balhaus
Imani Enzo
And L+N Designer Love Fiertze

Chat Host: Michela Benazzi
Voice Host: Kiana Lexenstar

SoloEvane Presents STAR WARS SHOW

Solo Evane Model Agency presents:


February 25th 1.00 pm


AD Creations
ALB Fashion
Ezura Xue
Glamour Style
PK2 Creations
Solidea Folies

Finesmith Creations


Solo Evane TopModels

Ayrton Radikal
Apollo Call
Daniele Eberhard
Liam Netizen
Malek Sahara
Steele Simah
World Undercroft

Anna Sapphire
Chamonix Bodreaux
Draakje Dailey
Ellendir Khandr
Federica Galtier
Kay Fairey
Mely Gibbs
Mimmi Boa
Sazzy Oh
Wicca Merlin
Veronica Krasner
Chamonix Bodreaux

Static Models:
Elyna Carver
Kitsune Diavolo
Mario Greenberg

Show Director:
Ellendir Khandr

Fashion Director:
Malek Sahara

Saleena Hax

Alicedimax Taurog

Cue & Photo:
Anabella Ravinelli

Mario Greenberg

Malek Sahara, Ellendir Khandr & Lissabel Lorefield



MANIERA Celebrates 3 years in publication with our first Music Edition.
– Faster Pussycat’s Honey Bender- The Vivienne  Westwood of Second Life
-Meet The Rooks the RL hip hop group breaking barriers
-Bahart Atlas spices up the classics
-The woman behind the music – Brandy Kalli Birman
-Take our Rolling Stone Quiz!

OGlam ”The Snowglobe” Show Machinima

Machinima video created by Linda Reddevil of the OGlam Inc Snowglobe production for Vero Modero on Friday, February 17th 2012.


Many thanks to everyone who attended the event and made it a success. We packed the sim with people still trying to get in. Yay. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this production presented by OGLAM Agency. Edi and I had a lot of fun creating the concept and making it happen with the help of Matteo Bettencourt. The snowglobe set is just amazing. Thank you to Vero Modero  Our featured designer.  We have several innovative shows coming soon that will blow your mind. Stay tuned.


JOIN -UR WORLD- SL Flickr Group:

Pic by TonyM0ntana Resident

Pic by Cutebaby Melody

Pic by Stephy Maldor

Pic by Neva Crystal

Model – Steele Sirnah
Photographer – Asia Rae



Each week, we shall give out an award to one picture in the group which shall be selected as our picture of the week, and will be featured on the flickr group home page and

On SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19TH 2012 – We Chose our first 5. After this, we shall chose ONE per week starting on FEB 26TH.

OGlam Presents: Vero Modero “SNOWGLOBE”


Experience the magic as we wave goodbye to the winter season as OGlam takes you on a magical adventure inside a snowglobe city where a wondrous event takes place. Be a part of this winter wonderland as Vero Modero presents their latest trend setter collection.

Join us on Friday, February 17th 2012 at 3pm SLT as citizens of the winter city show an all new collection from Bouquet Babii and her brand VERO MODERO.

Be sure to wrap up warm in your best Vero Modero looks, as the designer shall be giving L$1,000 to the best dressed!

Click HERE for the SURL to go watch this show.

OG Models for The Snowglobe:
Aphrodite Brianna
Ewan Crumb
Kay Fairey
Liam Netizen
Ngozi Faith
RicoRacer Flux
Secrets Bailey
Veronica Krasner

OG Voice Host/ Music & Chat Host :
Editorial Clarity & Angelik Lavecchia

OG Show Concept:
RicoRacer Flux & Editorial Clarity

OG Graphic & Photographer Team:
Boe Cortes & Vixie Rayna

OG Set Builder:
Tyler Ethaniel

OG Runway Manager:
Matteo Bettencourt
OGlam Management:
RicoRacer Flux, Executive Director, OGlam Inc –
Editorial Clarity, Chief Producing Officer, OGlam Inc-
Vixie Rayna, Chief Marketing Officer, OGlam Inc. –
Matteo Bettencourt, Chief Executive Officer, OGlam Inc

Poster Models: Aphrodite Brianna and RicoRacer Flux

-Ur WORLD- Second Life Flickr Group: JOIN US.


***Ur WORLD SL is dedicated to YOU***

We spotlight everything that you are about in Second Life: from photographers, bloggers, designers, models and anything that makes SL special. Let’s bring to attention the people and things that fascinates us and keeps us logging in-world. It is time to spotlight people that captivate us, places that enchant us and things that enthrall us.

We are interested in all ur SECOND LIFE pictures.


***Expect so much more***

~ TREND Magazine – coming soon! ~

~ TREND Magazine – coming soon! ~

Coming March…

Do you ever see someone inworld or on flickr wearing something attention grabbing and say “Wow I wish I’d thought of that” or “I wonder where they got that?” and ping off them everywhere? Well Trend is the magazine for you!

Brought to you by some of the best models and photographers in Second Life, featuring the best designers in Second Life. A new spin on traditional, staid Second Life fashion magazines, Trend is written with you, the model, or fashion aficionado in mind.

Florentine Rau
Krise Shepperd
Leandra Breen