The FASHION TELLER: Femme Fatale Casting Soon





Hello Fashion Teller Staff, Models and Friends:

As we are finishing “MURDER, My Sweet”, We are looking forward into our next HUGE project. This one will entice, enslave and  exterminate with just one look…….”FEMME FATALE”. We are taking history’s deadliest and most irresistible women “Fact or Fiction” and making them come to life in a High Fashion, High Quality Story Book Spread. Aside from the book, we are producing a spectacular Runway Show in partnership with OGLAM Agency to debut this Deadly Divas in all their glory.


FT MODELS: If you have the Ultimate Femme Fatale look, we want you. Be dazzling, desirable yet dangerous and deadly. Prepare a high quality professional picture of you as a Femme Fatale such as Medusa, Mata Hari, Delilah, Eve, Cleopatra and so on…. It will be used for advertisement to announced the cast. The best picture will be included in the book.

ONE SPOT will be opened to the public in a “FEMME FATALE Styling Contest” Soon.
The Winner will be invited to The Fashion Teller Group and get the chance to be one of the Femme Fatales in the book.  MORE DETAILS COMING SOON!

We will be inviting designers for the book soon with a special challenge.
Designers interested must make a brand new gown/couture outfit that fits the character presented. The outfit must not be released until the book and fashion show are debuted. If you are a designer and is interested in joining this project, please contact Editorial Clarity.  Space is limited. Thank you.

Yay, We already have several designers on board. \o/

BTW, The Murder, My Sweet book is amazing and we are so excited to publish it soon. ❤
Keep an Eye Out. :)

OGlam Inside Contest Winner Feb: Beatrice Serendipity

FEATURE INTERVIEW: Beatrice Serendipity – OGlam iNSIDE contest winner for February 2012.

Interview by Linda Reddevil


– What made you interested in modelling in sl, and what was your first step into becoming a model…

When I landed up in Secondlife, 3 years ago now, I had no idea how addictive dressing my avatar would be – even better than dressing up dolls as a little girl, with this fantastic array of wonderful creations to play with, and the almost limitless possibilities for transformation.

Quite early on I set up a little photo studio and started as a photographer. My photography helped me develop as a stylist, and it was when people started contacting me to ask for details of the outfits I was wearing in photos I began to think seriously about modeling.

My close friend and sl sister StarliteStarbrite Constellation encouraged me to go to the Models Workshop, which is an amazing resource for any model in SL. About a year ago I entered the Models Workshop Styling Challenge, and to my surprise I came second! From that, I decided to get some formal training and enrolled at iC Motions and the Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy, and I’ve been keeping pretty busy with blogging, shows, some print work, films and contests ever since.

What would you say your “signature” style is and what kind of style do you normally love to wear?

I think my style is pretty eclectic, I’m a bit of a fashion chameleon really – so it’s hard to say. I love wearing all sorts of styles – from vintage chic to avant garde, and I love experimenting with different looks. I hope that makes me versatile, rather than fickle!

How much of your RL style do you put into your modelling in sl? Is it similar, or is it very different?

How I style in SL is definitely driven by my personal tastes and RL influences – if I had the body and budget to dress like my avatar in RL you can bet I would! I’m a Londoner, and I’ve always been influenced by street fashion, and I think that comes through in my sl modelling.

What have been your biggest accomplishment so far in modelling in sl?

So many things have felt like big accomplishments – so far, for me, modelling has been a very rewarding, affirming experience, and I’m learning and growing all the time – I’ve been lucky to have won a few contests now, I’ve been in some exciting shows, and I’ve worked with some fabulous people, but I think my biggest sense of accomplishment comes when people tell me they appreciate my work – that’s what matters the most to me.

What are your goals for modelling? What would be the ultimate acheivement for you?

My goal is simply to be the best model I can be, work with the best designers and photographers, and just be fabulous! Oh, and I’d like to be on the front cover of LOTS of magazines ☺



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