The FASHION TELLER: Femme Fatale Casting Soon





Hello Fashion Teller Staff, Models and Friends:

As we are finishing “MURDER, My Sweet”, We are looking forward into our next HUGE project. This one will entice, enslave and  exterminate with just one look…….”FEMME FATALE”. We are taking history’s deadliest and most irresistible women “Fact or Fiction” and making them come to life in a High Fashion, High Quality Story Book Spread. Aside from the book, we are producing a spectacular Runway Show in partnership with OGLAM Agency to debut this Deadly Divas in all their glory.


FT MODELS: If you have the Ultimate Femme Fatale look, we want you. Be dazzling, desirable yet dangerous and deadly. Prepare a high quality professional picture of you as a Femme Fatale such as Medusa, Mata Hari, Delilah, Eve, Cleopatra and so on…. It will be used for advertisement to announced the cast. The best picture will be included in the book.

ONE SPOT will be opened to the public in a “FEMME FATALE Styling Contest” Soon.
The Winner will be invited to The Fashion Teller Group and get the chance to be one of the Femme Fatales in the book.  MORE DETAILS COMING SOON!

We will be inviting designers for the book soon with a special challenge.
Designers interested must make a brand new gown/couture outfit that fits the character presented. The outfit must not be released until the book and fashion show are debuted. If you are a designer and is interested in joining this project, please contact Editorial Clarity.  Space is limited. Thank you.

Yay, We already have several designers on board. \o/

BTW, The Murder, My Sweet book is amazing and we are so excited to publish it soon. ❤
Keep an Eye Out. :)

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