*Allure Inc.* presents “A Night to remember”

*Allure Inc.* presents “A Night to remember”

Its weekend and we all have time to relax and enjoy! Why you don’t we go out with our friends and lovelies?

Dancing at a club, swinging in a jazz bar or be the star in the theatre or opera?

Ladies and gents, if you still search an outfit for this, you will find nice examples and inspirations at our new show!

*Allure Inc.* is proud to present ~ “A Night to remember”, an amazing formal Fashion Show with live music by ChelseaMarie Noel!

We will show you stunning new releases by the best formal designers in Second Life.

Please join us with all your friends and family. Formal dress code for audience is prefered.

Date: Saturday, 20th august, at 12 noon slt

~ brands ~
*Angel Dessous*
Fellini Couture
House of Europe
Morea Style

~ models ~
Anna Sapphire
Annough Lykin
blackLiquid Tokyosaka
Draakje Dailey
Federica Galtier
Julia Brand
Kryptonia Paperdoll
Leandra Breen
Serene Faith

~ host ~
Wolkenlocke Whitfield

~ dj ~
Baly Beck

~ live-music artist ~
ChelseaMarie Noel

~advertisement/set ~
Annough Lykin

~ script ~
Federica Galtier
Nala Kurka

Nala Kurka

~ producer ~
Annough Lykin
Nala Kurka

For any questions, please contact me inworld or via Mail. Nala_Kurka@gmx.de

picture by: Annough Lykin
models: Guka Sparta & Nala Kurka

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