Starwalkers discontinues fashion calendar; blogger policy open forum in near future

Aug. 21, 2011


Starwalkers discontinues fashion calendar; blogger policy open forum in near future

As of Aug. 21, 2011, Starwalkers will be discontinuing its fashion calendar services. In truth, it was a very popular venture — at first — but the last few months businesses haven’t shown enough interest in the service for me to continue its upkeep.

Several of the entries the past few weeks have been me sorting through the notices and jotting things down, which is when it becomes too time consuming. I’m a firm believer that businesses should have a large hand in their own marketing and PR, and as a free service, the calendar isn’t seeing the amount of return that I can justify giving my time toward it at this point.

You can still submit press releases, event images and new release images to me for posting on Confessions of an SL Top Model —  I will request our bloggers to link over to instead of our fashion calendar pending the blogger policy open forum….


There will be a STARWALKERS OPEN FORUM on BLOGGING POLICY at MODEL’S WORKSHOP in the month of September. The exact date will be announced by Sept. 1.

Bloggers are an asset in the SL fashion industry. However, the number of posts by Starwalkers bloggers — even at one a day — is beginning to drown out other types of postings from agencies, designers and media. A few people have told me they turn off notices because of this, and that becomes a problem because it defeats the purpose of the group.

However, before I make any decisions, I want to hear from our posters, our bloggers and our community as a whole on how they would like to see this handled or any suggestions they might have to contribute on how to better manage the blogging forum… So do consider coming out to the open forum.

Thanks. As always, questions can be directed to Nox Deigan.

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