~ Passion Graduation Show Class 2 ~

~ Passion Graduation Show Class 2 ~

Our second class with 10 fabulous students will graduate on 7th August, 12.00 noon.

Irina Strazytski
Natzuka Miliandrovic
Jade Spectre
Eleya Kenin
Hee Jewell
Sonji Prevost
Sylphia D. Constantine
Kaidence Piancastellios
Aphrodite Brianna
and our handsome Soulful Dreamscape

You rock dears! ❤

A special thank you to Anubis Hartunian of Anubis Style and Mayhem Seetan of Azoury <333

~Young Adult Expo~

~Young Adult Expo~

On August 13, we will open a one week event called “Young Adult Expo”, which will exhibit 12 amazing Young Adult Content Creators! Exhibitions and live performances by Youth will be available.

Participating Youth Content Creators:
Gumbaull Resident
Yuki Republic
Tailsy Loxely
Angelkisses14 babii
Karissa silversmith
Screaming oxygen
bubble piers
Iain Pinelli
Joey Alexandre
Wahwee Bravin
Ishu Wingtips
Tallie emms

7 of the creators are Fashion Designers and we will open the event with a Fashion Show!!!!

Invitation will be sent out during the next week or so:) Please stay tuned as previews will be blogged:)

Hope to all see you there to support the amazing Youth!!!

Friends, please feel free to download this pic (also available through Annough Lykin’s stream) and please help promoting this event! Thank you!!!

Sponsors: BOSL, TDHq
Picture by Annough Lykin.
Thank you so much Ann for creating this pic! I know it was not easy with 9 avatars! But you did an amazing work! Thank you!