Wedding Wonderland Event Review


Pictures by Tillie Ariantho

Hello Everyone,

We hoped you made it to our Wedding Wonderland Event. Being a part of the fashion world, Edi and I decided to have a little fashion story show as part of our wedding ceremony in honor of our friends and family. This is the first time we’ve ever done an event this huge. Zandy Oh, the set maker did a wonderful job in creating a truly fantastic stage set where you really feel like you have just stepped into a magical kingdom. As soon as you arrive, you are faced with a decision.

DO YOU DARE FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT INTO THE HOLE? If you are brave enough, come through the rabbit hole.

Oh, You brave soul. Welcome to Wonderland.

After a long fall through the rabbit hole, you arrived into a strange room surrounded by trees with a checkerboard floor that is never-ending. You see a giant table with a potion….to drink or not? Don’t ponder too long because here comes Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum here to meet the strange creature that just arrived in Wonderland.

Ignore the Tweedle Boys or they will bore you to tears. Pass through the giant door quickly and make your way into the card bridge filled with broken clocks. Don’t ever look back or it will boggle your mind. Curious? I dare you to look back as you pass the card bridge. You will see an impossibility.

Step through the forest entrance and be part of this magical kingdom and event as the tree nymph, MeiMei Shiu greets you at the door. Don’t dilly dally, the show is about to start.

The guests of honor are arriving at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. LovelyMiwako Menna, the teapot lady is here to serve with glee. TIME FOR TEA? TIME FOR TEA? The teapot lady is here for you and me.

Sit back, relax and watch as the tale unfolds….

Here are some of the extraordinary characters in the wedding show.

Carilynn OHare as The RED QUEEN


Frolic Mills as Prince Frolicock (Also our Minister)


Jade Spectre as The White Swan


Veronica Krassner as the Parrot Princess


Serene Faith as The Forest Queen


Matteo Bettencourt as The EMPEROR


Linnda Scoffield as THE COURT JESTER


Didier Rascon as THE ICE KING


Zachary Zufreur as THE MAD HATTER


The White Rabbit Groom: RicoRacer Flux ❤ The Mad Hatter Groom: Editorial Clarity


And so many more…

Please view the rest of the pictures by Tillie Ariantho Here:

A million THANK YOU to all our friends and family as well as our guests for making our wedding super special.


RicoRacer Flux & Editorial Clarity

PS: Outfits provided by Angel Dessous, Bliss Couture, Champagne! Sparkling Fashion, House of Europe, Tres Beau with jewelry by FINESMITH designs, makeup by Garded Secret and Lovely Mi and poses by Body Talking.