Styling Forward:Season 2

Styling Forward:Season 2

Join Frolic, Kimmera, Dousa and Edi for another season of STYLING FORWARD.

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Styling Forward returns to the Metaverse TV screens this week for the next 9 weeks over LIVE shows, as Frolic and Kimmera set a new styling challenge each week to this years contestants battling it out to win the top prize of $100,000.


1.  Amazon Silverweb
2.  Aphrodite Brianna
3.  Bluebell andredi
4.  Danae Ruby
5.  Didier Rascon
6.  Federica Galtier
7.  Hadaluna Daines
8.  Helen Zhora
9.  Imani Enzo
10. Michela Benazzi
11. Natzuka Miliandrovic
12. Paulinha Lefevre
13. Ramsa Luv
14. rissa Friller
15. Rusalka Callisto
16. ZARYNA Resident


The Theme for the Season Premiere, is to style themselves as their favorite fashion Icon. Tune in to METAVERSE TV at 3pmSLT on Wednesday, August 10th with hosts Dousa Dragonash and Editorial Clarity as the new season of one of the most anticipated shows returns!