OGlam Presents Essence of Japan

 OGlam Inc is proud to announce “Essence of Japan” the exciting presentation of Shiki’s sensational fall collection by designer Shinichi Mathy. The collection is a first for Shiki as it embraces a romantic Japanese image that breathes fresh air to old-world styles.

On 30th September  – 6 PM sit back, relax, and join OGlam and Shiki on this colorful journey into the land of the rising sun.

OG Models for the “Essence of Japan” Shiki Show:

Anigma Eulenberg
Blossoms Sweetwater
Kay Fairey
Laetitia Vella
Veronica Krasner

Angelik Lavecchia
Ewan Crumb
Matteo Bettencourt

OG Chat Host :

Vixie Rayna

OG Voice Host/ Music :

Editorial Clarity

OG Script Writer :

Anigma Eulenberg

OG Show Concept and Builder:

Matteo Bettencourt, Ewan Crumb and Lulu Breuer

OG Graphic & Photographer Team:

Secrets Baily and Natzuka Milandrovic

OG Runway Manager:

Aphrodite Brianna


PR Contact:
Vixie Rayna, Chief Marketing Officer, OGlam Inc.  – vixie.rayna@gmail.com
Lulu Bruer, Chief Operating Officer, OGlam Inc. – lulubreuer@gmail.com
Matteo Bettencourt, Chief Executive Officer, OGlam Inc -matteobettencourt@gmail.com


“Pretty Bald in Pink” Photo Campaign

“Pretty Bald in Pink” Photo Campaign

October 1st – October 31st


Lovely Mi – MANIERA – Finesmith Designs – House of Europe – MOOLTO.COM – O-Glam INC. – IMA INC. – Opium Fashion Agency – [sYs] – Skip Staheli Photographer – PHILO – blackLiquid – Faster Pussycat – C O R P U S™ motion – .::MORPHINE Poses::. – The Magazine – Costa Rica Sims – Artistry by ~ E ~

Champagne! Sparkling Fashion New Release: FEVER

The timeless Peggy Lee classic “You Give Me Fever” is the perfect background for the release of CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion’s FEVER for our Ladies!

FEVER is for all of you femme fatales – women who are powerful, aggressive, yet seductive.  In your choice of Blue, Red, or Gold, this outfit will indeed keep you dancing all through the night!

FEVER’s form-fitting bodice hugs your figure with a bright and bold texture that is flattering and sexy.  Contrasting colors of sparkling strands in various lengths are attached at the waist with a uniquely styled belt made of hook-like clasps with a mirror-shine texture that curve downward.  A dramatically stunning neckpiece matches the belt, with the pieces curving upward in the front, and fitting over your shoulders, framing your face.

Model Devine Hunt is featured in our vendor ads for this fabulous outfit!  Add your favorite shoes and jewelry accessories for a really fun look that will tease and please!

Ladies!  Don’t delay!  Runnnnnn to CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion now for FEVER!

Enzo Champagne for a glittering life!
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sYs Presents The sYs Skin Challenge Contest

[sYs] Sisters Presents Six Months of Six Skins

::The [sYs] Skin Challenge Contest::

We want to see the creative perspective of our selected [sYs] skins through your eyes!

This Contest will run from October 2011 to May 2012.

Every month a skin will be released or announced as the skin of the month, in order to participate you will need to buy  this particular skin at our mainstore.


There are some limitations like  how to style. You are welcome to use other designs in your images for hair, lingerie and accessories ONLY FROM OUR SPONSORS, but the focus of your style should mainly represent  [sYs].
Only [sYs] clothes will be allowed .

Keep in mind that it is a skin contest, therefore nudity is allowed as long as it is done in a tasteful manner.
For the theme of your images, just be as creative as possible.
We reserve the right to decline any images that we do not see fitted or proper for this contest.

Every month one winner will be selected and at the end of the contest (that shall last six months total), our monthly winners will be delivered by one last skin that they will have to compete in a “Styling Challenge” where a panel of [sYs] Staff and Muses will decide who is the winner based on that challenge.

[]   R U L E S   O F   T H E   C O M P E T I T I O N   []
What do you need to do to participate?

[1] Join  ::The [sYs] MONTHLY CONTEST:: group on flickr, so you’ll be able to submit you images for the contest to the group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/sixmonthsofsixskinsbysys/
and the [sYs] Design inworld group

[2] Every month a new skin will be selected and announced in the flickr and [sYs] Design groups as the “[sYs] Skin of the Month” that will have to be used in order to take part in the contest.
You and any other models that are featured in your image, must be wearing the “[sYs] Skin of the Month”
Bodyshots ( full or 3/4 ) or headshots are allowed as long as the skin is well displayed.

[3] Rename your image submission on flickr as follows “[sYs] Skin Challenge (your full name) –  (Name of the Skin of the Month and Month of participation)”
Example: [sYs] Skin Challenge Elyna Carver -“BlackLiquid skin June”

[4] You are allowed to submit only one (1) image per month.

[5] On the description field,  please credit all content photographed in the image. Also, please be sure to credit the photographer if you didn’t photograph the image by yourself.

[6] All Images that are submitted will need to be either 1024×1024 px or 2048x1024px. Light  photoshop editing is allowed as long as the skin colour and display is not altered .

[7] DEADLINE: for all image submissions  the 30th of each month by 9:00 AM SLT!
Only images submitted before this date/time will be considered as valid.
The winner will be announced via the flickr group on the 6th of the following month at the same time we announce the new “[sYs] Skin of the Month”.

[]   P R I Z E S   []

–    M O N T H L Y  1 s t   P L A C E   W I N N E R
The participants image submission that is chosen, as the winner of the month will receive:
L$3,500 of [sYs] Store Credit and qualify for the chance to win a larger reward.
and the prizes of Manifeste, Glitterati, Del May, Shi Mainstore, Plume, Euphoria, Finesmith, Attitudes Lingerie, Vanity Hair,  KMADD, Mandala

O V E R A L L   [ s Y s ]   S K I N   C H A L L E N G E   W I N N E R
–    The winner will receive:
–    L$50,000 by [sYs] Designers.
–    5 Outfits available @ [sYs] of their choice
–    1 Inspired Skin named after her to be sold in the Store
–    Invitation to join sYs Designs Model Group.
✘ And the prizes of
✎ Modavia -> Guest model for the [sYs] Ad on the Modavia Magazine
✎ Secondnights -> 5000 L plus an article on Secondnighters Magazine
✎ Fan shopping chat -> A shooting with Fan Spirit Studio for 2500L and your choice of pictures – worth 2000L
✎ CIA designs -> A new outfit
✎ Manifeste -> 10 pose packs (100 poses) of their choice.
✎ Del May -> 10 Couple and 100 single poses from Del May Mainstore OR An exclusive custom made couple or two person pose.
✎ Finesmith -> Special item ( best seller or new release ) or giftcard
✎ Attitude  -> A collection (5-colors pack) they choose + a unique set (special color set, color being of course chosen by the winner, or a most exclusive set, that has never been sold)
✎ Plume -> 3 fat pack
✎ Vanity hair  -> A new release fat pack with all colors.
✎ Kmadd -> Complete Couture Hair Collection.
✎ Mandala->  3000 L in store products

Good luck to all participants!  We look forward to see what all of you can create…

Thank you to all our sponsors who accepted to participate to this wonderful event! Thank you to:
✘ Attitudes Lingerie
✘ CIA Design
✘ Del May
✘ Euphoria
✘ Fan Spirit Studio
✘ Finesmith
✘ Glitterati
✘ Manifeste
✘ Modavia
✘ Plume
✘ Secondnights
✘ Vanity Hair
✘ Mandala

[sYs] Design Staff

If you have any questions, please contact
[sYs] Owner :  Syane Cisse or Systi Cisse
[sYs] Contest Manager : Arialee Miles

Note: By submitting your image to the contest you are allowing [sYs] Design to reserve all rights to keep images submitted and re-use them as they see fit as well as to disqualify an image based on the staff criteria.

~ Passion Fashion Agency “Beneath the Eiffeltower” ~

Passion Fashion Agency

“Beneath the Eiffeltower”

Passion Fashion Agency presents:

“Beneath the Eiffeltower”

~ Angel Dessous & Tukinowaguma ~


Friday, 30th September 2011, 12.00 pm SLT


Angel Dessous and Tukinowaguma, what a great mix for a Fashion Event!

Both famous brands are showing their newest designs in a Fashion Show under the Eiffeltower. Don’t miss the latest fashion and hair trends and join us for a journey to Paris where beautiful Passion Models are showcasing stunning creations.

The event begins at 12.00 noon SLT with a life concert of Mr. AM Quar. Get your seat early and enjoy one of the best voices in SL with rocking tunes.


* Queenbrat Bracken
* Lulu Breuer
* Veracity Afterthought
* Rusalka Callisto
* Veronica Krasner
* Federica Galtier
* Caoimhe Lionheart
* Anabella Ravinelli
* don’t miss our surprise model, Mr. Harsh Sharktooth 😉

Chat host with Edi Clarity: Catlyn Sahara
Stage by: Zandy Oh
Script writer: Darkevilone Demonia & Deangelo Urqhart
Show photographer: Anabella Ravinelli
Producer: Leandra Breen
Flyer pic by Annough Lykin