Fellini Couture’s Muse 2011 is….

Hi everyone !

The finale of Fellini Couture’s Muse 2011 took place yesterday and we finally have our fantastic new Muse who is ….  A n n a   S a p p h i r e !!!

All our congratulations Anna !!!

Votes were very difficult for the Jury ’cause all girls worked very hard for the competition and they had only one week to prepare themselves.

We had really amazing outfits, very original and highly sought and all girls made us really proud.
We also would like to thank each of the girls for their good mind during the competition, their mutual help and the good mood they all have put during the finale ’cause SL was very very bad yesterday !

Without any more delay for those who missed the event, here are the name and pics of the 3 winners :

So as you now know , our stunning Fellini Couture’s Muse 2011 is Anna Sapphire ! 😀

Her 1st runner-up is the awesome Louise McWinnie !

and her 2nd runner-up is the very beautiful Melanie Sautereau !

Congratulations girls !!! You made Fellini Couture’s creations look even more fantabulous ! ❤

Lots of Love,
Joy Fellini & Fauve Beaumont.

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