OGLAM Announces iNSIDE Showdown Before The Finals

◈OGlam Inc.◈


OGlam Inc is proud to announce the iNSIDE Competition 2011: a premier styling battle to determine who stands on top. We are searching for a model with phenomenal style and a personality to match.  After almost one of year of competition, we are narrowing it down to the two remaining months. In December all 12 finalists will enter the runway for a final showdown….it could be YOU!

Prizes Include
Monthly Finalists:
2,500 Linden Cash
Featured Spread in Scruplz Magazine
Gifts from OGlam Mall Shopping

iNSIDE Winner:
30,000 Linden Cash
Featured Spread in Scruplz Magazine
Title of OGlam Face 2011



PR Contact:
Vixie Rayna, Chief Marketing Officer, OGlam Inc.  – vixie.rayna@gmail.com
Lulu Bruer, Chief Operating Officer, OGlam Inc. – lulubruer@gmail.com
Matteo Bettencourt, Chief Executive Officer, OGlam Inc -matteobettencourt@gmail.com



Magika Requests Feedback

Magika is asking all its fans to go take a four question survey that will help Sabina Gully improve and evolve even more on her product.

Take about 30 seconds and help her out.


Angel Dessous’ little black box… every Wednesday

….. Angel Dessous is having a ….

…. secret …

… a black box secret ..

.. the Angel Dessous Black Box Wednesday!

Angel Dessous will suprise you every Wednesday with a * Black Box *  placed at Angel Dessous  Mainstore Blue Sky.

This black box contains one original complete lingerie, casual or gown set of the current collection shown at the Mainstore,
but you never know which set it is in the box hidden.

Its a mystery an you can solve this riddle for only  **** 69 L$ ****

Are you curious?
Schedule Wednesdays at your  calendar and run to  Angel Dessous to reveal the mystery to get your suprise of the  *  Black Box  *

…. every current *Black Box* is available for
>> 69 L$
each week ( filled with a new item ) only for 24 hours
from Wednesday 12 AM to Thursday 12 AM SLT

Go get your box!

I am Fierce – The Final Quarter

Opium is proud to present The 2011

~*~*~«´·.¸¸I Am Fierce.¸¸.·`»~*~*~
♥(¸.·’´(¸.·’´ * `’·.¸)`’·.¸)♥

Patch Thibaud Auditorium
Final Chance To Enter

This event spans the year of 2011 with quarterly walk-offs last January and April. The final walk-off will be at the end of September with finals in November. The top 6 from each walk-off will battle it out in a huge walk-off worth $10,000L to the most fierce male and $10,000L to the most fierce female. Along with all of the grand prizes from our sponsors, this is one event you don’t want to miss!

~*~*~«´·.¸¸ WHAT IS A WALK-OFF? ¸¸.·`»~*~*~

A walk-off is when models compete on the runway using style, poses and walking to best show their individualism and attitude.

~*~*~«´·.¸¸ HOW DO I ENTER?  ¸¸.·`»~*~*~

Any model, male or female, with at least 90 days experience in SL modeling may enter.

Entry Deadline: Sept. 11
Audition days: 6 p.m on Sept. 14 or 9 a.m. on Sept. 15
I am Fierce Fall Walk-Off: 12 p.m. on Sept. 25

Fill out the application here

1. Fill out the attached NC and return it to Anastacia Markova.

2. Rename the NC: I Am Fierce Entry – (Your Name)

3. Attach (2) full-perm photographs (1 headshot and 1 full body)

The judges, which include several different fashion industry professionals from around the grid, will look over the entries and choose a collective list of models to come audition.

From that audition the 12 male and 12 female contestants will be chosen for the first quarter of the walk-off. The top 3 males and top 3 females from each quarter will battle it out in the finals to see who is chosen the most *FIERCE*.

~*~*~«´·.¸¸ HOW DO I SCORE?  ¸¸.·`»~*~*~

Scoring is broken down into three parts: avatar, styling and performance.

1. Avatar – 25 percent
A fierce walk must be backed up with an amazing avatar, in modeling our *look*
is our branding.

2. Styling – 25 percent
What you wear and how you wear it sets the tone for a fierce runway performance.

3. Performance – 50 percent
You will be using your own poses and your own creative choreography that best
expresses yourself. Prove  to us that you are fierce.

~*~*~«´·.¸¸ WHO ARE YOUR SPONSORS?  ¸¸.·`»~*~*~

  • BOSL
  • Kathrin Pearl Designs
  • Moolto.com
  • House of RFyre
  • Lion Skins
  •  Tukinowaguma Hair
  • 2408 Shoes
  • Faster Pussycat
  • Sartoria
  • Orage Creations
  • Bliss Couture
  • My Precious
  • SF Designs
  • Fellini Couture
  • White Widow
  • Gabriel
  • Garded Secrets
  • Agapee Poses
  • Mohna Lisa Couture
  • Purple Moon
  • Sascha’s Designs
  • TTF (Thea Tuamura Designs)

Starwalkers discontinues fashion calendar; blogger policy open forum in near future

Aug. 21, 2011


Starwalkers discontinues fashion calendar; blogger policy open forum in near future

As of Aug. 21, 2011, Starwalkers will be discontinuing its fashion calendar services. In truth, it was a very popular venture — at first — but the last few months businesses haven’t shown enough interest in the service for me to continue its upkeep.

Several of the entries the past few weeks have been me sorting through the notices and jotting things down, which is when it becomes too time consuming. I’m a firm believer that businesses should have a large hand in their own marketing and PR, and as a free service, the calendar isn’t seeing the amount of return that I can justify giving my time toward it at this point.

You can still submit press releases, event images and new release images to me for posting on Confessions of an SL Top Model — https://csltm.wordpress.com.  I will request our bloggers to link over to https://csltm.wordpress.com/starwalkers/ instead of our fashion calendar pending the blogger policy open forum….


There will be a STARWALKERS OPEN FORUM on BLOGGING POLICY at MODEL’S WORKSHOP in the month of September. The exact date will be announced by Sept. 1.

Bloggers are an asset in the SL fashion industry. However, the number of posts by Starwalkers bloggers — even at one a day — is beginning to drown out other types of postings from agencies, designers and media. A few people have told me they turn off notices because of this, and that becomes a problem because it defeats the purpose of the group.

However, before I make any decisions, I want to hear from our posters, our bloggers and our community as a whole on how they would like to see this handled or any suggestions they might have to contribute on how to better manage the blogging forum… So do consider coming out to the open forum.

Thanks. As always, questions can be directed to Nox Deigan.

— 30 —

House of Xevion Closing – 50 Percent Off Sale

Dear HOX Shoppers,

House of Xevion will be closing our inWorld store September 1st. All of our items will be available on Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/79434

From now until September 1st all items in the store (including new releases) will be marked 50% off (Excluding the Miss France National Costume).

❤ Vikeejeah Xevion
House of Xevion Owner