MEET MVW Mr. Netherlands 2011: Min Maesar

MR. NETHERLANDS 2011: Min Maesar


My jacket is a tweed  jacket specialy made for me by a friend.
Pants    : Harem Pants Black from AMERIE
Shoes   :  DOCS 8-Hole Silver from GOS
Shoulder Bag : Shoulder Bag Leather v3 (black bag color, silver metal color  from  2(X)2 Mens Wear
Scripted Nails – Starter – For Male from MPP (6 colors, I have the metalic black color)
Hair included Cap from W&Y
Eyelashes : Valentino for him from Eyelashes! Talon Faire Fashions
Earring right: Gemma from Rozoregalia
Earring left :  Achilleus from Gabriel
Ring : Proud multitexture ring from LAOQ

Its Min Maesar  here, rezzed on September 2nd 2010. Friends told me about SL and I got curious. In RL I like a bit of pc gaming, old games really but still fun. I am glad my friends helped me to “survive” the first days, I was such a noob. Helping finding a shape/skin, clothing, telling all about editing, and lots more.
I could spend some time in SL because my Rl job wasnt so busy at that time. I like fashion and I got to talk one day to a very nice woman who gave me lots of information about who to contact for a training etc. And so I got in touch with Mimmi Boa and did the Evane Models Agency. Meanwhile, to my surprise, I was choosen as Mr April for the GA Calender 2011.

After that, I thought I hadn’t learned enough and entered the Glance Model Academy. I had a great teacher, Trouble Inglewood. It took a while to graduate, my RL got more busy but finally I did and thought of SL as a nice experience and told friends I wouldnt come online that often anymore.
But some girls told me, maybe forced me (girls, girls) to enter the Mr VW 2011 contest. So I did but to be honest I had no idea I would be choosen to walk and never thought I would be choosen as a finalist. A true surprise. So lets go for it now and see where it will lead me.

Min Maesar

MEET MVW Mr. Spain 2011: Ludwig Prinz

Mr. Spain 2011: Ludwig Prinz


Skin: Belleza – Shawn Tan 2
Hair: W&Y – Apollo
Sunglasses: Kalnin – Speed
Jacket – AOHARU Leather Tailored Jacket
Tshirt – AOHARU Tank White
Pants – XTC Lambskin Leather Pants
Boots: J’s Laceup Short Boots

Ludwig Prinz has been in Second Life for almost 5 years and is well-known in fashion circles and beyond as an accomplished and talented photographer. He himself appeared in several feature articles in SL magazines, has been nominated for the “Best in SL Photography” in the INTERNATIONAL FASHION AWARDS 2009 and enjoys commission work for SL Fashion Magazines, Designers and Modelling Agencies. He also helps new models to get them on track with their modelling careers using his experience of the dos and donts and by giving expert advise.

Though he spends most of his time behind the camera and in Photoshop, he loves the given opportunity through Mister Virtual World to be in front of the camera and walking on the runway. He considers himself very fashion savvy and loves the unlimited possibilities to express creativity in SL.

Originally from Germany, he now lives in Florida and enjoys activities like skydiving and sailing, which he also practices in SL. He is looking forward to being part of this incredible competition and hopes to be able as Mr. Virtual World to boost the men’s fashion world by showing how to dress with style and on every budget. He will be proud to present the BOSL organization in bringing the fashion world and SL population closer together and continue to capture beauty for others to see. Finally he has to add that helping to find a cure for cancer is one of his biggest goals in his real life as well as actively supporting this in Second Life.

Rez Date:  1/13/2007