IMA Inc Presents *SoliDea FoliEs Escapes*! VIDEO

IMA Inc Presents SoliDea FoliEs Escapes! Video

Music: ColeMarie Soleil

The silhouette of the abandoned buildings created an air of dark mystery and smelled of stale despair….jutting up over the horizon of bleak emptiness, they stood like crooked, old soldiers, devoid of feeling or life. Any resemblance of warmth or light has long since gone, with the citizens of this once bustling metropolis…..or have they?

As your eyes move around the desolate landscape, strewn with old boxes and garbage and adjust to the deafening darkness of this abyss, you start to make out shapes, or do you? Your pulse races and your heartbeat quickens…it no longer feels like you’re alone.

A shape emerges, framed yet not lifeless, motionless but still breathing, artwork and fashion merged, to become one in this dark and abandoned world…….your eyes focus on the framed artwork


Mila Tatham – Designer of *SoliDea FoliEs*

Nevery Lorakeet – Designer of *LpD* Skins and *Les Petits Details* – Special Guest

Ananya Mai – Show Producer – Co-owner of IMA Inc.

ColeMarie Soleil – Machinimist

Justice Topaz – Music

Bekz Mavinelli – Graphic Design

Mozes Resident – Producer of Runway

Paisley Lancaster – Script Writer

Host: NatalieWells Resident

kaidence Piancastellios – Show Assistant

Sponsored by: Pasarella and InWorld Inc

IMA Runway Models:

Adrianna Coba
Ananya Mai
Annough Lykin
Aphrodite Brianna
Leandra Breen
Mayumi Sugarplum
Seashell Dench


Jador Fashion Show

Jador Fashion Show

Model: Falbala Fairey
Photographer: Vara Blackburn

noBrix Model Agency is presenting their upcoming Show with the wonderfull and well knownd brand “Jador” at the 6th August at 12pm SLT.
To represent these outfits in the best way and to show our models in the best they are we get the gorgeous Jewelry Designer “Zuri”.

Gretel Bulloch
Euridice Qork
Alethia Bonham
Falbala Fairey
Locuala Madruga (as Back Up)

Varaderobiker Blackburn

LovelyMystical Fairey