~Miss Azul 2011~

~Miss Azul 2011~

Mami Jewell Announces the start of Miss AZUL 2011 Pageant

July 18, 2011 –

Mami Jewell, owner and designer of AZUL have announced the inauguration of the Miss AZUL 2011 pageant where she will be looking for the next beautiful lady to take the crown for a one year tenure, taking it over from Tania Tebaldi who had been reigning as Miss AZUL 2010.

The new Miss AZUL will also be given a placement as an official finalist in the Miss Virtual World 2012 Pageant but those who are already finalists will also be accepted for entry.

The Finals will be streamed live by Second Life TV to the Japanese SL residents who have become more active in the SL fashion scene.

Following last year, Mami will also be selecting 5 AZUL Princess winners for all non-model entries in order to show her appreciation to the large number of non-model customers who had been supporting her.

Miss AZUL 2011

– 50,000 Linden cash prize.
– AZUL wardrobe consisting of all current designs and all new releases throughout the entire one year tenure.
– Appearrance in AZUL print advertisements and posters with Hair from Vanity Hair, jewelry from Virtual Impressions and shoes from Stiletto Moody. This may not, however, be done for all new releases.
– Custom crown created for Miss AZUL by Virtual Impressions.

AZUL Princess
– One colour of choice for all new releases from AZUL for the entire one year tenure.

Contest open for submissions: Starting immediately
Contest closed for submissions: August 13, 2011
Ten finalists announced – August 20, 2011
Miss AZUL 2011 Finals* – August 27, 2011, 6pm SLT
*Miss AZUL will be crowned and 5 AZUL Princess title winners will also be announced on the stage.

This pageant is sponsored by The Best of SL Magazine, Miss Virtual World Organization, Styles of edo, Virtual Impressions, Stiletto Moody and Vanity Hair.

Judges will be the following (in alphabetical order of their names).
Asalt Eams – Grasp & Sweetaholic Owner
Chrissy Ambrose – Virtual Impressions Owner
edo Tone – Styles of edo Owner
Frolic Mills – The Best of SL Magazine, MVW Organization CEO
Kay Fairey – BLVD Agency, CEO & Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy, Executive Director
Mami Jewell – AZUL Owner and Designer
Serene Faith – Miss Virtual World 2011
Topaz Joubert – Maniera Inc., CEO

Event Director will be Kay Fairey who also helped Mami run the contest last year.

For additional information please contact Event Director, Kay Fairey.

Mami Jewell
Owner and Designer, AZUL