Ms & Mr EUROPE 2011

Ms & Mr EUROPE 2011

We are looking for the best female and male european avatars of Second Life for the big contest of Ms & Mr Europe 2011.

If you think you have everything to be elected the Ms or Mr Europe 2011 :

– Go to HOUSE OF EUROPE main store, and buy an outfit friom there

– Take a picture of you with the outfit. You can style it as you want with accessories from other designers, and you can modify it with photoshop … but no morphed picture will be accepted !

– Send a notecard with a copy of your transaction, and with your best picture 512×512 pixels, and rename it “Ms & Mr Europe 2011 – Your Name”. Send this notecard to Didier Rascon

– You have until the 31th of July 2011 to send your picture

– A jury made of designers, models, photographers and fashion names will choose the finalist between all the pictures

– The finalists will then show their best on the runway to have the chance to be elected Ms or Mr Europe 2011.

– Finale will be September 23rd for Ms Europe 2011 and September 24th for Mr Europe 2011. Most of the rehearsals will take place on saturdays of September 2011.

The prices are not fixed yet, but you will be aware at the end of June

Good luck to all, and if you have any questions, please send a notecard to Didier Rascon.


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