ZombiePopcorn Hunt 4 is coming… and it’s hungry…. NOX RECOMMENDED

They’re Heeeeere…

Here comes the ZombiePopcorn Hunt sponsored by http://www.ZombiePopcornSL.com on June 1st-15th! The first Hunt Item to be found will be at ZombiePopcorn located on the Sketch Pad Sim.  When you arrive at the Sim make sure to tap the ZombiePopcorn Hunt Joiner for the group gift & all the hunt info.

Then the hunt is on! You are searching for the one of a kind ZombiePopcorn Doll in his Red/White striped popcorn bag. Get ready to head to such stores as {what next}, REPULSE, NV, [ glow ] studio, [arnadi], La Malvada Mujer, -Glam Affair-, Willow, R a w :: H o u s e, -paper.doll-, and many more you know and love!

For more information or to get a head start, stop over to the ZombiePopcorn Mainstore and tap the Hunt Joiner. Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to whats sure to be one of the best hunts to date!


Hunt Group- secondlife:///app/group/16f2efb4-1d15-e3d2-d4ce-e50a6e52c2be/about

June 1st ~ 1PM SLT Official Start Time

June 15th ~ End day of Hunt







American Bazaar



Awesome Blossom

*BC322 Skull&Bones

Beauty Killer

Berries Inc.

[ bubble ]

[Captivity Co.]





Diesel Works Poses & Animations




Fallen Doll


-Glam Affair-

Glow Studio

Holli Pocket



Intrigue Co.





Kis Kis


La Malvada Mujer

.:: LacieCakes ::.


Love Zombie






Natural Beauty


Nuuna’s Skins



Para Designs







Razorblade Jacket



Sassy Kitty Designs

Seil Xpression

SeVered GarDeN


SIGMA Jewels

Soap Co.





Tableau Vivant


Vanilla C. Designs

V.E.L cosmetics


Virtual Decay

Virtual Insanity

{what next}


ZombiePopcorn Brand

▨  O P I U M  E L I T E  F A S H I O N  A C A D E M Y  ▨

I n s t r u c t o r  P o s i t i o n  I n f o

Thank you for your interest in joining the staff of Opium Elite Fashion Academy.
We value our instructors, models, and students very much and only want the
best of the best! Please read thoroughly through this information to determine
if you are suitable for an instructor position. More information about courses will
be given to you upon hiring.

Remember, we need instructors from all different timezones to cater to our
students needs to feel free to apply no matter what timezone.

▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨

OEFA offers three different course types: Modeling 101 (basic), Advanced, and
Elite. We also offer a mix ‘n’ match option where students can customize their
course to their needs.

Our Modeling 101 class is typically taught one on one but will occasionally be
taught as a group class depending on instructor availability and class sizes.
This course is designed for new models whom have little to no experience in
the modeling industry. Students will participate in a graduation runway show.

Next is the Advanced modeling class which is taught in a group class setting. It
focuses on models who want to hone their runway skills. Students will participate
in a graduation runway show.

Lastly, the Elite modeling class which is six 1 hour long lectures where different
fashion professionals will speak about different aspects of the modeling/fashion
industry. The instructor position for this class will be speaking for one of the hour
lectures and to handle student evaluations at the end of each lecture. Students will
produce their whole graduation show. Instructors will be hand chosen by Anastacia
and Grant.

▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨

There are a few different things each instructor will be required to do during and
after each class.

Each instructor will be required to give out homework all class
times unless the teacher does not see fit, but please keep no homework to a
minimum of 1 or 2 classes.

Instructors will also need to fill out evaluations for each student after every class
time. We will give you the form and it is to be returned to Anastacia Markova and
Grant Valeska.

Following the course guidelines is a MUST. We want all of our graduates to have an
even education. You may add certain topics if you feel the need to and you may
remove topics if the student has already learned it.

▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨ ▨

Each instructor will recieve 50% of each student’s admission, so getting students
in depends not only on OEFA but also on you!

And remember, we run a TOP NOTCH modeling academy, with some of SL’s top
models coming from us, we expect you to be 110% dedicated and to have ample
time to devote to teaching and assisting future models.

If you feel you qualify for this position, please fill out the following application and
return it to Grant Valeska as soon as possible. Thank you and good luck!


Ms & Mr EUROPE 2011

Ms & Mr EUROPE 2011

We are looking for the best female and male european avatars of Second Life for the big contest of Ms & Mr Europe 2011.

If you think you have everything to be elected the Ms or Mr Europe 2011 :

– Go to HOUSE OF EUROPE main store, and buy an outfit friom there

– Take a picture of you with the outfit. You can style it as you want with accessories from other designers, and you can modify it with photoshop … but no morphed picture will be accepted !

– Send a notecard with a copy of your transaction, and with your best picture 512×512 pixels, and rename it “Ms & Mr Europe 2011 – Your Name”. Send this notecard to Didier Rascon

– You have until the 31th of July 2011 to send your picture

– A jury made of designers, models, photographers and fashion names will choose the finalist between all the pictures

– The finalists will then show their best on the runway to have the chance to be elected Ms or Mr Europe 2011.

– Finale will be September 23rd for Ms Europe 2011 and September 24th for Mr Europe 2011. Most of the rehearsals will take place on saturdays of September 2011.

The prices are not fixed yet, but you will be aware at the end of June

Good luck to all, and if you have any questions, please send a notecard to Didier Rascon.