—     J       C       N      Y    —

::::::   MODEL’FEST Expo,  ‘ JUNE –  2011  Edition ‘     ::::::::

~~~~~~~ “$30,000L – GRAND MODEL PRIZE”  ~~~~~~~

“THIS IS FASHION …”  — ” We make New Models Everyday.”

This is the ’41st Edition of JCNY MODEL’FEST Expo in
Second Life. We are the longest running and largest
Modeling Expo in Second Life. If you are looking for a
modeling resume builder… JCNY always looks good
on your modeling resume. How to Enter? Read below…


Note from JD Hansen of JCNY Collection …

::::   WE’RE BAAAAACCCKKKKKK ~! ! ! ! ! – Did you Miss Us ? ? ?

This month we are proud to announce the 41st Monthly Contest sponsored by fashion
house, JCNY Collection. Joining this contest… is more than just a contest … MODEL’FEST is
an experience. Its also a place where new models can work with our professional staff
and grow into pro models. JCNY’s MODEL’FEST has launched many veteran models in SL.
MODEL’FEST is the original SL modeling contest and is wide respected as the best show
on the grid. We will compete week to week, until the end of this months Award Show.
Read this notecard for information on how to get your career started in Fashion Modeling.

– ‘Best Wishes and Success in Fashion’, – JD Hansen, JCNY Collection.


MODEL’FEST Expo, Entrys thru – June 1 – June 29th, 2011 ::::::::

JCNY – MODEL’FEST Awards Show, June 30th, 3pm SLT.
MODEL’FEST June Theme:  – ” 2011 Summer Fashion Edition “

– Top Model Prize – WIN $30,000L
– 30 Day Modeling Event
– Winner will be seen by over 18 Million – Second Life Residents
– 24hr Live Runway ::: Be seen, and make Agency contacts…
– Chance to be a weekly – ‘Showcase Runway Model’
– Participate in the Sponsored ‘Weekly Fashion Show’
– Judge Panel of 5 Top Fashion Industry Experts



MODEL’FEST Prize Listing :

– $30,000L – Grand Model Prize
– JCNY Jewelry Gift Cards
– ‘Private Photo Shoot with Premier JCNY Photographer
– Paid Model Contract for July 2011
– Featured in JCNY Ad Campaigns across the Grid
– Featured in Store Posters, Billboards, Website Ads
– Future Photo shoots with JCNY Collection & JD Hansen



JCNY Website:

JCNY Model’fest Blog – Contest News

JCNY – FACEBOOK Group — +Become a Fan, please do… we would like you to join us …

— After you join, Send JD Hansen a notecard with your name, we will send you a FREE JCNY Jewelry!

JCNY as written in the GLANCE International Blogs:


TO ENTER, Folow the Guidelines Below …

Entries Until June 28th. Winner Announced June. 30th, @ 3pm SLT
@ JCNY MODEL’FEST Awards Show (Unless otherwise posted or delayed).

::::: (REQUIRED):  JOIN ‘JCNY Collection’ Group to enter MODEL’FEST Expo Contest.
Open SEARCH in your SL Browser: Type JCNY Collection. Find our main group. Join up.

What is the MODEL’FEST Expo all about?
JCNY and proud sponsors would like to invite you to enter and experience fashion modeling
in a professional enviroment. This is the 41st Model Search that JCNY has hosted in Second
Life. MODEL’FEST Expo will be judged by a panel of SL’s top designers. There are no voting
machines or technology driven programs that will decide the winning model. The models are
judged by real life people with an eye for fashion and design. If you share the same passion
for fashion and modeling, pass this notecard on to a good friend and get him/her involved with us!

MODEL’FEST is a collection of the hottest models in Second Life gathering during the month
of JUNE 2011 at JCNY Collection on Farrah Island. MODEL’FEST Runway is located at the JCNY
Collection Flagship Store and will be open for public viewing during this 30 Day Event. Showcase
Models will be selected to take the runway at JCNY each ‘thursday or friday’ of the contest. As a
‘Showcase model’ you will be paid a complimentary pay, with your own timeclock. More time on the
runway you spend… the bigger chances for making industry contacts. Agencys and model scouts
will be visiting the runway daily during the event. Keep your eyes and ears open!


SHOWCASE MODELS  – What is a SHOWCASE Runway Model?
How do I get to model on the JCNY Runway?

After entering your photos you wil be up for ‘Showcase Runway Modeling’ during the week entered. A
Collection of models are up for showcase during each week of the contest. These models are hand selected
by the judges to take the runway at the JCNY Flagship Store. SL Newspapers, Fashion Photographers, Model
Agencys will all be randomly  present to view the showcase models. If you are selected as a showcase
model you will recievea group tag from JD Hansen of JCNY. You will be paid $5L an hr for being part of
the showcase during MODEL’FEST. **The models who are showcased are considered to be the featured
models of the current weeks entrys and are not in any specific order of placement in the runnings. As
a showcase model for MODEL’FEST its completly up to you to participate on the runway. Its the best
way to meet new people and make contacts! Participation in fashion modeling is our #1 goal. If you
get an invite to be a showcase model, please IM – Hermione Mocha – JCNY Runway Manger.

The JCNY – ‘Sunday Fashion Show’ and Designer Sponsors
Featuring —  JCNY Showcase Models

As a ‘Showcase Model’ you will be invited to attend and participate in the Sunday
Fashion Show at the JCNY Runway. Your Runway Manager will guide you as a model, through
the process of modeling in a grid wide advertised fashion show. You are not required to
participate but it is a very solid experience into working on a pro SL runway. Depending on
the Sponsors of the show you will possibly recieve free clothing or accessories from a
well known Second Life Fashion Brand. Grow your wardrobe and your fashion show experience.
We will ask veteran SL models… to be ‘kind’ and ‘mentor’ the newer models while on the runway.



****Watch your Manners! Fighting will result in disqualifications! Bite your lip on the runway.

Runway Managers : Send IM’s to Hermione Mocha for questions,concerns or help.

ZERO DRAMA POLICY — Keep your personal problems off the JCNY Runway —
Showcase models will be presented as ambassadors of modeling and fashion in SL. Please do not
engage in any foul language or agrumentive public chat. You are expected to be onstage with a
sense of class and style. Anyone acting in an unkind manner onstage wil be kindly asked to leave
MODEL’FEST Runway.  Showcase models are here for your viewing pleasure and soley for fashion
modeling. Please chat with respect and kindness. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE PETY ARGUMENTS AND
MOBBERY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IN ANY FORM! Please send any reports to your runway manager,
Hermione Mocha.



Please read the entry guidelines below.
As the rules have changed for MODEL’FEST – JUNE 2011.

::: ENTERING YOUR PICTURES  ::::::::::::

THEME: “Summer Style Edition ”
Your photos should be all about fashion and JCNY Style, for Summer Fashion 2011.
Lets get excited for the best summer fashion ever! Show us what you’ve got. (!)  We
want to see Runway Style Fashion looks and apparel. Make sure you get good
backdrops, scenes, lighting, makeup, camera angles, and props. Make it Fashionable!
WE WANT FASHION! – Make sure you have JCNY Jewelry, or risk your photo being
deleted on the spot by the judges. – Thanks and have fun on your shoots!

“””If you dont have any JCNY Jewelry… there is a FREEBIE Gift @ JCNY”””
Visit JCNY Collection – Flagship Store Below and pickup a FREE Look-Book – JCNY Catalog.
In the Look-Book JCNY Catalog you will find the option to grab the FREEBIE Jewelry. Or
simply visit the main store and Click the FREE JCNY – Noobie Box. No excuses for non-JCNY Jewelry!


Please follow these instructions carefully.
Your submission will be trashed if not done correctly.
We require all entrys to the exact details as follows:

<<<<<<<  HOW TO   >>>>>>     MAKE YOUR ENTRY FOLDER: SUBMIT TO…  JD Hansen.
1. REQUIRED: OPEN THE SEARCH TAB: Click groups, Type JCNY Collection. Join the Group.
You must be in the JCNY Collection group to be elligable! Profiles will be checked.

2. NOT REQUIRED: +Become a Fan, JOIN our FACEBOOK Group, You will see all the latest on Model’Fest Expo here:
Copy this link —- http://www.facebook.com/pages/JCNY-Collection-Fashion-Jewelry/142827175866?ref=ts

3. PORTFOLIOS must be a FOLDER with the text… JCNY MODEL’FEST — ‘Your Name’

4.  A total of ‘TWO’ of your best photos inside the FOLDER (**DO NOT put Pics inside notecards…)

Name each photo:  1- Your Name 2- Your Name
We will accept 2 photos, The first photo will be a close up facial shot. The second photo
will be a full body shot. Any Photographers, or Agencys may be used for developing your style or photos.

5.  A notecard detailing the creator of all clothing worn in the photos. As well as
any skins, hair, accessories and jewelry items. Lastly, A Short paragraph about your
impression of JCNY and the Fashion Industry in Second Life.

*** All Photos MUST BE full permissions. This means Copy, Modify, Transfer. Any conflicts from
Model Agencies or contracts, in the use of submitted photos, will be deleted from the contest.
READ more info below as to the rights of the Photo Properties. *Photos not full perm will be trashed.

6. Drop your Folder on JD Hansen’s profile to submit. Make sure your submittal is
right the first time. Multiple submissions with different skins are accepted. Offline
entrys will be auto recieved. Please do not send IMs asking if we got your entry.
If you dropped your entry on JD Hansen’s profile… we have the entry. Thank you.

7. We will not be accepting Photos with real life bodies that have a photoshopped avatar head on it.
You can use photoshop for your backdrops, color, textures, or lighting. But not for real life model bodies!


FREE – PHOTO STUDIO ACCESS  ::::::: JCNY – Photo Studio, @ Farrah Island Sim.

NO LINDENS? but need Photos? Use our ‘FREE Photo Studio’ at JCNY Flagship Store.
Now we have ( 2 ) FREE Photo Studios at the Main JCNY Store on Farrah Island. Feel free
to use the studio, lights, change backdrops and take your own photos for submittal.
􀀄 – TP Here and walk RIGHT or LEFT.


DISCLAIMER/ WARNING: Please be advised by submitting photos to the MODEL’FEST, each photo becomes property of JCNY Collection™ – JCNY retains exclusive rights to use and or distribute any photos entered in the contest. Plausable by Greenburg & Lierbermann Law Office, Washington, DC, USA. http://www.aplegal.com By submitting photos you are subject to the rights and terms of the contest owner and creator, JD Hansen. JCNY Collection is a registered US Trademark 2011.
All Rights Reserved ®. This does not mean you cannot use your photos for another contest in SL. We openly support the
modeling industry in SL. There are other agencys and entitys that we support, feel free to redstribute your photos. Be
aware that your photos can be used by JCNY in any manner chosen on entering this contest. All Rights Reserved. 2011.

FINAL NOTE :::::::

*Deadlines or Show times can be otherwise changed due to Second Life issues, Real Life Emergencys,
Holidays, Staff Absences, or Second Life down times.

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