—     J       C       N      Y    —

::::::   MODEL’FEST Expo,  ‘ JUNE –  2011  Edition ‘     ::::::::

~~~~~~~ “$30,000L – GRAND MODEL PRIZE”  ~~~~~~~

“THIS IS FASHION …”  — ” We make New Models Everyday.”

This is the ’41st Edition of JCNY MODEL’FEST Expo in
Second Life. We are the longest running and largest
Modeling Expo in Second Life. If you are looking for a
modeling resume builder… JCNY always looks good
on your modeling resume. How to Enter? Read below…


Note from JD Hansen of JCNY Collection …

::::   WE’RE BAAAAACCCKKKKKK ~! ! ! ! ! – Did you Miss Us ? ? ?

This month we are proud to announce the 41st Monthly Contest sponsored by fashion
house, JCNY Collection. Joining this contest… is more than just a contest … MODEL’FEST is
an experience. Its also a place where new models can work with our professional staff
and grow into pro models. JCNY’s MODEL’FEST has launched many veteran models in SL.
MODEL’FEST is the original SL modeling contest and is wide respected as the best show
on the grid. We will compete week to week, until the end of this months Award Show.
Read this notecard for information on how to get your career started in Fashion Modeling.

– ‘Best Wishes and Success in Fashion’, – JD Hansen, JCNY Collection.


MODEL’FEST Expo, Entrys thru – June 1 – June 29th, 2011 ::::::::

JCNY – MODEL’FEST Awards Show, June 30th, 3pm SLT.
MODEL’FEST June Theme:  – ” 2011 Summer Fashion Edition “

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2011 iNSIDE Contest


iNSIDE it could be you

Outrageous Glamour presents the 2011 “iNSIDE” Contest

Each month of 2011, one lucky male or female will be chosen as the O-Glam iNSIDER of the following month. In December of 2011, the 12 contestants will compete for the title of “Outrageously Glamorous Model of the Year” to reign over the year 2012.

Are you Glamorous enough to claim the title and the outrageous monthly prizes? Think you can take it all the way in December and be the face of the year, claiming even bigger and more outrageous prizes?

Contest Rules and Entry:

1. You must join the “iNSIDE it could be you” Group In World.

2. Only one male or female model will be chosen each month.

3. Outfit and jewelry must be purchased at the Outrageous Glamour Mall including hair, shoes and jewelry.  Other accessories may be purchased elsewhere, but main outfit and jewelry and overall look must reflect designs of our O-Glam vendors)

4. Create a notecard titled “OG iNSIDE Contest – (Month of Entry) – (Your Name)”. Add 2 – 1024 x 1024 photos showing off your Outrageously Glamorous styling skills to the notecard – 1 Headshot and 1 Full Body Shot along with your transaction detail from the O-Glam mall, then submit the notecard to Jade Spectre or Linda Reddevil by the 15th of each month.

The O-Glam team will choose 5 entries from the pool, based on avie look, styling ability, and creativity. Those
5 finalists will be posted on the O-Glam website and will take it to the runway on the last Saturday (or 2nd to last to get magazine entries in on time) of each month to compete for iNSIDER of the month.

5. Post your photos on the Outrageous Glamour Moolto Group – http://moolto.ning.com/group/outrageousglamouragency

6. Runway finalists will be given a question via notecard and will present their answer to the judges during the show. Finalists will also be given a deadline to have their scripts turned in along with the VPC code and rehearsal date/time for the show. Winner will be chosen based on runway ability & poses, and answer to judge’s question. Winner will be announced the following day by group notice and on O-Glam website.

Prizes for Monthly Winner:

1. Title of O-Glam Face “iNSIDER” of the Month and an interview along with their photo featured in RADAR & Scruplz Magazine and on the O-Glam website for the duration of the month
2. Photo and title featured at landing point of Outrageous Glamour.
3. $2500L Cash Prize along with over $2500L in merchandise from Sponsors
4. Outrageous Glamour Academy Voucher or invite to Agency as a model (based on experience)
5. Will compete in the December runway finals for a chance to reign for the full year of 2012 and be promoted by Outrageous Glamour throughout that year.

Prize for “Outrageously Glamorous Model of the Year”:

1. Title of “Outrageously Glamorous Model of the Year 2012″ and an interview along with their photo featured in Radar & Scruplz Magazine and on the O-Glam website.
2. Photo and title featured at landing point of Outrageous Glamour.
3. $20,000L Cash Prize along with $10,000 in merchandise from Sponsors
5. IOutrageous Glamour Agency as Model and promotion throughout the year.

House of Europe, Purplemoon, Chantkare, Finesmith, Plume, Maverick, Tres Beau, Angel Dessous, Champagne, MOOD, Shiki, SYS, Sf Designs, What’s Your Secret, Lovely-Mi Makeups, Nardcotix, Scrulpz and Radar Magazine

Miamai Third Anniversary Sale

::::::::::::: MIAMAI Third Anniversary  :::::::::::::

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 50% Off Sale :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

As one of the celebrations for Miamai 3rd Anniversary, we are holding a special 50% off sale at the Mainstore, on a range of products selected between some of our bestsellers.

▄  When: from Saturday 28 of May to Friday 4 of June

▄ Where: in a special room at Miamai Mainstore. Once you arrive at the landing point, please allow the store to rez. Make sure you have your group tag activated and then follow the red arrows that are painted on the floor!

▄  How: THIS SALE IS EXCLUSIVE FOR  VIP GROUP MEMBERS. It’s our way to say a warm thankyou to all the customers who supported, and are supporting us over the time; the vendors in this particular Sale Room will work JUST if you are wearing your Miamai Update Group tag. We’ve gone and selected lots of wonderful things, so please be aware that it’s only the vendors in the Sale Room that are on the 50% off sale. If your friends want to be a part of this too then they can join the inworld VIP group at any time.

We want to take this chance to thank you deeply for the wonderful support and appreciation of our work over the past three years; nothing makes us happier than seeing our beautiful customers looking even more so in Miamai items. We have more celebrations to follow including a competition with great prizes, so make sure you stay close.

Love for the last three years and a dozen of the next ones,

Miss Avatar World 2011


Version française après la version anglaise.
(en) Contest Miss Avatar World 2011
Contest organized by Evenementia Agency
May, June and July 2011

Description :
Miss Avatar World is a beauty election contest of female avatars highlighting designers collections too (clothes, jewels, shoes).
It’s open for free to all avatars who want to take part in.
This is the second edition of that election.
Elvira Pelazzi is the first who was elected, in April 2010, she is Miss Avatar World 2010.

This contest is divided in several steps:
* Registration:
You have to be registered by Lalabel Demina, Annah Cham or Kryss Holmer before June 10th.
When you register, please send two pictures of your avatar (a close-up and a full body one) in a notecard indicating name and first name of the avatar, it’s birthdate and your nationality.

* The selection :
The jury of the contest will select a maximum of 20 candidates among all the applications. It’ll be the casting of Miss Avatar 2011 election.
These 20 candidates will then begin the election process of Miss Avatar 2011.

* Beginning of the contest :
– First two turns:
Each turn, selected candidates will parade by performing two runs: the first in evening dress, and the other in a casual outfit. Outfits are chosen by the models themselves in the collection they have done with the designer that has been designated (see section «Models and Designers»).
Otherwise, outfits will be chosen by the models themselves in their inventory. A run of a candidate must not exceed two minutes. If a candidate exceeds the two minutes allowed, then penalty points will be counted (cf. Markings and Jury).
Between the runs, candidates can change hairstyles, accessories and jewels. But they can’t wear another skin or shape.
Obviously, it’s strongly recommended to change outfits at each turn (use at the maximum the wardrobe of the designer chosen).
Each turn, 5 candidates will be eliminated by the jury.
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BeStyle District Agency Presents Angels and Demons

BeStyle District Agency Presents

Angels and Demons

FEATURING Agy’s Secret

May 28 at 1:30 PM

LM: http://slurl.com/secondlife/BEST%20OF%20ITALIAN/246/196/145


Carilynn OHare

Video by Tikaf Viper




Last Minute Auction!!!

We have till today raised L$825,615 thanks to all the amazing supporters of JRF!!! Thank you so much!!!!

To reach our goal of L$1 Million mark, we have added a mini-auction, generously donated by the one and the only, Mr. Skip Staheli! So come on over and bid TOMORROW:)


Skip Staheli, the 2011 BOSL Awards winner for Best Photographer, has generously donated two photo sessions, which will be individually auctioned this weekend at the Japan Relief Fundraiser.

Mr. Staheli is one of the most well-known, respected, and gifted photographers in Second Life and his clientele consists of high-profile creators, designers, and models. His art is known and beloved by many as he focuses on enhancing the picture rather than changing the original, keeping the avatar and the object close to reality, but adding his magic and imagination to finish a piece of art.

Mr. Staheli is currently on hiatus and is not taking appointments, but has still offered his services to be auctioned for the Japan Relief Fundraiser and the AmeriCares Organization. Through Mr. Staheli’s generosity and kindess, the JRF will continue its goal of raising money to assist the people of Japan.

Each auction includes the following:

* Your choice of 1 Headshot or Bodyshot to be taken by Skip Staheli, to be scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient.

* You will also have the option to book an additional 2 sessions with Mr. Staheli at his normal rate.

If you are one of the winners of this auction, please consult with Mr. Staheli directly regarding your appointment and please respect his schedule as this was offered strictly to support Japan.

***** Mr. Staheli is NOT taking any appointments at this time, so please respect his wishes and do not contact him about appointments outside of this auction******

Happy Bidding!

Thank you for your support,

Japan Relief Fundraiser