Thoroughly Modern Vero Modero by Siren Productions

Siren Productions in conjunction is proud to bring you Thoroughly Modern Vero Modero. The hip, chic, new, and trendy Spring release from Bouquet Babii. A very special fashion show will take place May 21st, 2011 at 1pm featuring items from the latest collection for both the ladies and gentlemen. Stay with us afterwards as we retire to the pool and dance the afternoon away to the hot tunes of Thorn Andel.

Xi. Lu. Phu. presents MADNESS!

Xi. Lu. Phu Presents: MADNESS!

The fourth Sunday or Saturday of every month XLP will host a style off.  Take a look at the previous style challenge here.

MAY’S THEME:  Harajuku

DATE:  May 28th, 2011 at 12pmslt.
Participants arrive to the theater at 11amslt.

☞ Turn in a style card by May 28th by 9amslt  with a head shot and full body shot of your look styled to the theme.
☞Prepare 5 poses for your look.
☞Show up to the Tent Theatre by 11amslt on May 28th, 2011.  LM will be given to those who turn i their style card. 􀀋

No style card, you don’t get to participate.
Show up late to the runway, you don’t get to participate.

You can return it to Jey Chau or Ava Jhamin ONLY if they are online.
Please turn it in to the red mailbox in the 􀀌

☞Technical execution: Prim placement and posing
☞Creative execution: style to theme, use of props, etc
Nothing is to outside of the box, as long as it’s exectued well.

☞1st prize winner: •L$1000
• Free head shot from Fierce & Epic  photo studio
• voucher to HOX
•  Photoshoot for the Madness Blog
☞2nd prize winner: L$ 600
•  Photoshoot for the Madness Blog
☞3rd prize winner : L$400
•  Photoshoot for the Madness Blog

CONTEST – [sYs] Designs

[sYs] Design has decided to open a contest to find out what amazing art can be created through [sYs] Designs combined with the massive styling skills of talented male and female models and photographers on the grid.

What do you have to do to join?
– Every month a theme will be selected and all pictures will have to be related to that specific theme that will be announced on the flickr group.

– JOIN the [sYs] Designs Contest group on flickr to be able to upload your entries:

– Make a picture wearing [sYs] Design following the theme for each month, that is 1024×1024 or 2048×1024 in size.

– Rename them on flickr as follows “[sYs] Design (Name) (Theme of the Month)”
Ex: [sYs] Design – Syane Cisse “Inspiration”

– On the description field write a small paragraph explaining why your image is related to the theme of the month and all sYs items showing on the image.

– Submit your Images before the 20th of each month. Winners will be announced between the 21st and 23rd of each month.


The [sYs] Staff will decide on 3 pictures that will win the following:

3rd Place
Display on Landing Point of the winning Image.
500L of Store Credit.

2nd Place
Display on Landing Point of the winning Image.
1500L of Store Credit.

1st place
Display on Landing Point in the Store.
Winning Model will appear on a vendor for sYs.
3000L of Store Credit.

Rules of the Competition
+ Must be wearing sYs on the picture
+ Can submit up to 3 pictures per month
+ Credit the photographer please!!!
+ Sizes are:
+ [sYs] Design reserves all rights to keep images submitted and re-use them as they see fit as well as to disqualify an image based on the staff criteria.

Thanks and Good Luck to all
Systi and Syane Cisse & the [sYs] Design Staff

For doubts and inquiries please contact LovelyMiwako7399 Menna ([sYs] Design Communications Officer).

JRF from May 14 – May 29

JRF from May 14 – May 29

This is the Logo and Invitation for the wonderful idea of Serene faith and Ji Nirvana to help the people in Japan in her special way.
I already wanna thank you for that offer u give us all to be a part of it.

So our part will be there also (Starline Photography) and have a great help of very wonderful and dedicated Models, Designers and Owners in whole SL and I´m pretty sure the list will grow :))

So from me to all this people I will call now a big thank you and I´m very proud and honored to work with u and to have u on board.
Thank you all very much for that offer.

Angelik Lavecchia
Annough Lykin
Fauve Beaumont
Kalyabreeaa Capelo
(Petra) 13 Cortes
Ananya Mai
Didier Rascon
Frolic Mills
Harsch Sharktooth
Kat Svenska
Keira Soulstar
Leandra Breen
Lulu Coba
Maxime Tyran
Miaa Rebane
Nala Kurka
Pure Nikolaidis
Serene Faith
Sweetalicious Starsider
Varaderobiker Balckburn
Yula Finesmith
Skip Staheli
Roe Woodford
Nefrititi Kimagawa
Markski Gloom
Viola Rookswood
Vanity Philly
Mimmi Boa
Jade Spectre
Matteo Bettencourt
Rusalka Callisto
Leah McCullough
Rissa Friller
Enzo Champagne
Calista Ella
Blossoms Sweetwater
Katherine Comet
DATRIP Blackbart
Topaz Joubert
Wicca Merlin
Guka Sparta
RicoRacer Flux
Saleena Hax
Locked Semaphore

List is closed! I´m sorry for all who wanna join and help in this project but for JRF I have a deadline and I will now just do the Blindfoldpics for private using and an special offer in price. For more information please send me an IM. Ty!

Pls pls tell me when I forgot someone in the ADDlist 😀

Falbala Fairey


PS: Starline Phtography’s “BLINDFOLDED” Pictures are available at the JRF Fundraiser.

I am so honored to be part of it. A million THANK YOUs to Falbala Fairey.

Please give your support to this wonderful charity to help Japan.

AVENUE Models Academy :: Graduation :: MAY 8 – 12PM SLT

AVENUE Models Academy
:: Graduation :: MAY 8 – 12PM SLT

AVENUE is proud to welcome the latest batch of AVENUE Models Academy trainees to the runway this Sunday.

Join us as we cheer on:

Keira Soulstar
Yesenia Zero
Tyler Barineaux
Coventina Mendicant
Alvi Halderman
Karly Crystal
Corbin Sporg
Xandrah Sciavo

Designer Showcased: DD Style

12pm SLT