FAROUCHE Model Agency Presents “Holiday in the Sun”


SL Event:  Presenting “Holiday in the Sun” featuring the designs and creativity of Sun Eskimoz.

SL Show Date & Time: 16th October, 2010 @ 12pm slt

On 16th October, 2010 – Farouche will proudly present, “Holiday in the Sun” featuring the designs of Sun Eskimoz on a runway custom built specifically for this event.

Showcasing the versatile and innovative designs of Sun Eskimoz on Farouche’s biggest and brightest stars, this show will begin promptly at 12pm SLT.

Guests are kindly asked to remove all lag-inducing attachments, this includes items such as size and colour scripted shoes and hair, which have been found to greatly increase sim-wide lag issues for large-scale events.  We ask that you maintain a reasonable arc during our show.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as this makes our show more enjoyable for all.

ABOUT Sun Eskimoz:  With beautiful lines and textures, Sun Esimoz designs are varied, versatile and full of imagination. AngeXX Quandry and Ariella Denimore team up to make the creations in Sun Eskimoz From her beautifully styled dresses, to there fun and sassy t-shirts, heads will turn anywhere they are worn. Sun Eskimoz Designs is a must have store for the fashion conscious!

SLURL:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Glance%20Style/230/108/30

ABOUT Farouche –  The Fashion Capital, dedicated to creating the fiercest models in SL.  Representing fashion models, runway models, print models, and world class models.  Be taught  by the industries leaders in modeling.

Farouche likes to try and push the boundaries of “normal” modelling, combining creative and unique outfits with stylish and sometimes complicated runways. Bringing you innovative shows, enjoyable for both the models and the audience.

Sun Eskimoz Contact:  AngeXX Quandry and Ariella Denimore
Farouche Tres contact: Vel Charisma

Show SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kumarajiva/171/181/3523

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