WEAR It PINK in SL: Please Help!

MODELS: MVW 2010 Mikey Batriani & Mr. Costa Rica Todd Anton
PHOTOGRAPHER: Mikey Batriani


On Thursday 28th of October 2010, there is to be a fun auction of PINK clothing which will include a Fashion show.

We are looking for donations of PINK clothing and accessories to be auctioned.

We are looking for any assistance or support you can offer to help make a difference.

This event will not be just a means to raising funds to help this needed cause which effects NOT only ladies, but gentleman and children, but to bring awareness that CAN save lives. It also will be a means to educate people how not ONLY money can help but your ears can too, by offering your time to visit those suffering with this common illness that has effected the lives of so many.

DESIGNERS, you could just re-texture outfits/accessories already created making them various shade of PINK by means of showing your support. Or even offer gift cards for your stores.

MODELS, you can offer your time to help market the event, model in the show and offer items in your inventory to be auctioned.

PHOTOGRAPHERS, you could offer your services to help market the event and record it, or even donate a gift card or two for your services.

Everyone else, you could offer your time to assist with promoting the event and purchasing items, or even donating items from your inventory.

FLICKR ~ http://www.flickr.com/groups/wearitpinksl/
SL GROUP ~ (Type in search) **Wear It Pink SL**

To be involved please contact Sweetest Sands or Cindys Tatham in Second Life.


David Venter Design Presents “Showtime” complete unisex outfit

Introducing [DV] Design by David Venter*

Greetings Fabulous Fashionistas,

The [DV] Brand of Architecture, Fashion and Furniture is finally here. Yes, it’s Showtime! Kicking things off with our first complete unisex outfit.

showtime poster 450x450 Introducing [DV] Design by David Venter*

The Showtime Unisex Complete Outfit Includes:

  • [DV] Showtime Bracelet
  • [DV] Showtime Glasses
  • [DV] Showtime Pants Cuff (L)
  • [DV] Showtime Pants Cuff (R)
  • [DV] Showtime Ring
  • [DV] Showtime Scarf
  • [DV] Showtime Shoes (L)
  • [DV] Showtime Shoes (R)
  • [DV] Showtime Socks
  • [DV] Showtime Tank Top
  • [DV] Showtime Pants


You can preview this outfit on our 3D Mannequin in-store. Upon entering the store simply turn to your left where you will find the [DV] Showtime Complete Outfit.


This complete outfit is available for only L$500 until the next complete outfit is released at which point the price will increase to L$850, so go ahead and grab it for the low launch price before the next outfit is released. – To purchase simply “buy” the shopping bag from the table next to the mannequin.

The [DV] Photography Studio is also officially in business. – Our group of professional photographers and graphic designers will help you to create the ultimate avatar picture portfolio. Profile photo sets are available from as little as L$1000.  Photographers are also available for special events including Rezdays, Weddings, Launches, Fashion Shoes, etc.

New Architecture, Fashion and Furniture products are set to be released soon – Join our Newsgroup to stay in the loop. Simply touch any of our subscribe-o-matic terminals in-store.

Any questions? Contact David Valerian inSL.