MEET Miss Virtual World Finalist: Miss Russia 2011 Tania Tebaldi


Miss Russia 2011: Tania Tebaldi

I am truly honored to be a finalist for MVW 2011 and to represent Russia. Since 2007 I always followed the fashion in SL. I love to photograph and to help new designers showing their creations in my blog and at the same time help with new ideas to people who follow me.

I’m happy to be part in this amazing pagaent I hope to give the very best of me, at this time I met wonderful ladies and learning a lot of them.

Thank you all for reading till here, thanks to all the Staff of BOSL. and especially to Mami Jewell.

My motto: everything you do in SL, do it with pleasure and fun.

Tania Tebaldi

AVENUE Models :: Amarelo Manga :: 22 OCT 6pm SLT

AVENUE Models :: Amarelo Manga :: 22 OCT 6pm SLT

Explore the sensual beauty of Brazil by Amarelo Manga presented by AVENUE Models.

Set sail with Amarelo Manga to lush Brazilian lands, exploring the sensual beauty of the jungle and the shore. In what will be a trip not easily forgotten, Luana Barzane and Arturcosta Akina will adorn you with fantastic jewelry and beachwear to aid in your visual escapade.

Pack your bags for an exuberant sojourn through Brazil as realized through the eyes of Amarelo Manga; from coast to coast, this tropic wear label is sure to have you on the cutting edge of resort wear.

Evane presents: “Glamour style and Innuendo”show! 10/22 1PM SLT

Evane presents: “Glamour style and Innuendo”show!

Concept and lay out: Diconay Boa

Another amazing show will be produced by Evane Models Agency!
On October 22nd at 1Pm SLT

“Glamour style and Innuendo” by Christy Hamer and Ciccia Bergamasco
two designers for a big fashion show we will held in their main store!
you are all invited my friends!!!