New Release from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion: CONTROL

Are you in CONTROL or out of CONTROL?

For the man who is highly assertive and exerts immense confidence, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion Introduces two new outfits that every man will want to add to his wardrobe.  CONTROL is a chic, debonaire, refined, and stylish new suit with fabulous detail and lots of extras!

The suit itself is comprised of a midnight sateen jacket with pocket, button, striped cuffs, and collar detail, and grey trousers with a striking textured silver belt and a smooth, shiny silver buckle.  The silk white shirt is smart, with ribbed texturing and silver edging around the collar.  And also included is a dashing white and silver  tie with a sparkling white silver tie clip that accentuates the suit to perfection!  And you will keep them all guessing when you wear the included mirrored silver pair of sunglasses — mystery is intoxicating!!  Black leather gloves complete this magnificently tailored design.  You will always be in CONTROL when you wear this suit!

And for a dark and very sensuous, chivalrous change of pace, we also offer DARK CONTROL.  The same cuts but in dark version,with an inky black shirt, black silk tie with a sparkling silver tie clip, and black leather gloves.  The feeling may be nebulous and moody, but perfect for those times when you want sophistication with a touch of mezmerizing allure to be at your fingertips!

Versatility is always an important feature that we build into our designs.  Mixing and matching with other pieces of your wardobe gives you many, many options to create several new and exciting looks!

Head to CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion and wear CONTROL for that dominant, and elegant feel of macho magnetism!!

Enzo Champagne

for a glittering life!
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Miss Bliss Couture 2011, Fourth Phase, October

Fourth Phase, October

The fourth phase of MISS BLISS COUTURE 2011 starts on October the 1st and ends on October the 15th.

Only two months left to enter the couture house’s beauty pageant of the year that will crown one lucky lady as Face of Bliss Couture.

And this is the time again to announce the finalists of the past month. Due to the high number of applications, the talent shown in the styling and the beautiful images, it’s not been easy to select only a few, but these are our favourites:

Amazon Silverweb
Mely Gibbs
blackLiquid Tokyoska
Natasja Schumann

Congratulations to the enchanting finalists and we’ll see you on the runway!

But the model search has just started and if you think you have the numbers to win don’t miss this amazing opportunity.
We are looking for a lady with a natural sense of style and an outstanding presence to represent the essence of our brand. We strongly encourage all the fashion and couture lovers, mannequins or new faces, to enter our pageant.
The 2011 edition aims to provide an incredible chance for our contestants, and we would like to invite you to carefully follow the instructions so that your application will be eligible for the MISS BLISS COUTURE 2011’s model search.

You can send your application from friday October the 1st to friday October the 15th as better explained in the announcement or in our blog.

The winner will be crown as MISS BLISS COUTURE 2011 with an exclusive diamond jewelry set by Virtual Impressions. She will be the face of the couture’s house in the next year, she will be given all future luxury brand releases throughout her reign (one year), awarded with a 30.000L prize and will also receive an invitation to Boulevard Agency and an interview for BOSL Magazine.

The top 10 finalists will receive a professional photoshoot, and their choice of any one fatpack of a new release Bliss Couture dress or outfit.

The top 5 finalists will all become Bliss Couture models, and be hired for various modeling work within the company. In addition to the prizes for the top 10, the top 5 girls will also each receive a $5000L gift card from Bliss Couture.

You can admire the wonderful pictures of all the entries at the Miss Bliss Couture 2011 Show Room.

Good Luck!

Amutey DeCuir
Bliss Couture CEO