PACADI JASHA  Presents The Christmas Secret Fashion Show 2009

December 20 at 1PM SL

LOCATION: – Christmas Secret , Altobello (70, 134, 21)’  ( ).

•  What exactly does PACADI Jasha for the show and what is the show about?

PACADI Jasha has planned the show for the last few months and finally started organizing it in November this year. We had the idea do something unique in SecondLife, so PACADI Jasha started working on amazing accessoires and beautiful lingerie a few weeks ago.
The show is all about beautifull lingerie and eyecatching accessoires. The whole event is made up of three different themes which will be presented throughout wonderful dessous and giant scenes which will give the event the unique look. The stage in the house which has been built for the show is huge and something totally new to SecondLife’s fashion shows. We planned special effects and dance performances for the show, as well as one or 2 speeches of the designer behind the PACADI Jasha store. It’s all going to be giant.

• What makes this event so different to all the others?

“The Christmas Secret Fashion Show” is one of the most complex shows in SecondLife and the stage and the different themes make this event so different to all the others. We worked with beatiful textures and awesome light effects to assure a wonderful scene.

• When and where does the show take place?

The show takes place at the PACADI Jasha sim on December 20th at 1pm PST.
Follow the red carpet on the show day and you will see what it is all about!

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