FASHION CALENDAR: AVENUE Presents: Boudoir Secrets 12/05 1PM SL

★ AVENUE Models ★


PR Contact: Jesika Contepomi, Chief Marketing Officer, AVENUE Inc.


AVENUE Models is back with another installation of Second Life’s hottest lingerie runway show Boudoir Secrets. This edition of the fabulous bi-annual show promises to be no less tantalising and mesmerizing than the high production of entertainment quality AVENUE Models is renowned for.

Set in heaven, over 4 sims, Boudoir Secrets III features the latest collections from SL’s greatest lingerie designers. Joining us in this edition are fashion labels Angel Dessous, Beauty Avatar, Insolence, Madi’s Secrets, Magnolia Intimates, Movin Lingerie, Nymphetamine and Seldom Blue. Special sponsors include Stiletto Moody and Material Squirrel Wings.

Grace the heavens in your sexiest angelic attire and stand a chance to win some luxurious lingerie sets.





Angel Dessous, started in the spring of 2007 by designers Nando Korobase and Gina Baumont. With an edge for current fashion and style, this sexy lingerie label is inspired by real-life pieces. Nando and Gina design items that would not only be worn in SL but bring out the inner sex-appeal of your real-life soul.

For more information please contact Nando Korobase.

Beauty Avatar Couture, was born from the minds of four friends that met in a little land and shared a common dream; builder Tiago Morales, designer Aida Ewing, PR professional Omnia Oh and designer and manager MaxAttrazioni Maximus, in this moment Beauty Avatar was born. Now specializing in skins, clothing, eyes, eyelashes, shapes, hair, and a high-end couture line, the dream started in the minds of these 4 av’s has become a renowned success.

For more information please contact Omnia Oh.

Insolence is a unique opportunity for designer and graphic artist Camilla Yosuke to achieve her dreams and make a living from her drawings. Camilla’s critical eye can be seen in every aspect of her designs, from the hand painted textures to the upscale detailing. Providing pieces for every type of woman to feel sexy and luxurious, Camilla offers something for every ladies private closet.

For more information please contact Camilla Yosuke.

Madilyn Ling is the designer and owner of Madi’s Secrets. She started designing lingerie in the beginning of 2008. She has been in this lovely world since june 2007 though and hope it will go on forever.

Madilyn Lings design has influences from her country Sweden, where she lives. And there is no better feeling than to make a women feel sensual and elegant in Madi’s Secrets lingerie.

For more information please contact Madilyn Ling.

Magnolia Intimates is a brand created by Magnolia Mayo, who started in 2007 when she fell in love with virtual fashion. Since the beggining she was attracted by the detailed textures and work with lingerie was the challenge she was looking for.

For more information please contact Magnolia Mayo.

Monyna Sak, designer and creator behind Movin Lingerie, began her creations after only two short months in-world. Learning quickly she purchased her first island with good friend and now business partner Ditri Charron. With Ditri’s assistance in the development of the store and marketing the brand Movin Lingerie has come to where it is today producing the high precision lingerie, intimate apparel and costumes the brand has become recognized for.

For more information please contact Monyna Sak.

NYMPHETAMINE Boutique was created in 2005 by its sole Owner and Designer Paeoti Pomeray. Paeoti chose early on to offer diverse collections of clothing geared at a more Curvy figure which has helped NYMPHETAMINE become a strong contender in the fashion industry.

NYMPHETAMINE Boutique strives on bringing you top quality unique designs that are both sexy and intricately detailed and a great price. You will most always find someone to answer your questions while shopping. NYMPHETAMINE truly does value it’s customers.

For more information please contact Stacy Maracas.

Home of Eternity Brides, Eternity Jewells, Eternity Silks and SELDOM BLUE…houses a stunning selection of exceptional quality women’s fashion, bridal floor and poses. Run as a family business who LOVE to create in Second Life, Indigoblue creates the fashion, Singsong Writer makes all the silks, jewellery and bags, and Covenant Laval creates the poses.

For more information please contact Indigoblue Dagostino.



Stiletto Moody Shoes, the “impossibly high heels” and “impossibly beautiful BARE© feet” of Second Life, are inspired by real-life catwalk fashions. Stiletto Moody aims to create the feel of a gazelle staring down the eyes of a lion, that famous juxtaposition that Stiletto is known for. Using grace, imagination and a splash of fetish, Stiletto Moody shoes are for every occasion. With the introduction of the BARE© foot into Second Life, Stiletto Moody takes the impeccable designs of shoes to the next level.

For more information please contact Dancer Dallagio.

Material Squirrel Wings, owned by designer Kala Bijoux, specializes in items you can’t find in every day RL – scripted WINGS. Whether you want to look angelic or demonic or just a bit unusual, Material Squirrel is the one stop shop.

For more information please contact Kala Bijoux.


AVENUE Models, the premier modeling agency in Second Life®, is well known for their professional organization of lavish and creative fashion events driven by unique and effective marketing and promotions.

AVENUE Inc, the parent company of AVENUE Models, AVENUE Studio, AVENUE Models Academy and AVENUE Magazine, was founded by Rusch Raymaker, CEO in 2007. With a team of highly professional and qualified fashion, creative and marketing professionals, AVENUE strives to continuously promote the Second Life® Fashion Industry to a higher level.

Leading the first fashion track and publishing AVENUE Magazine in print at the Second Life Community Convention 2009, AVENUE continues to break new grounds in fashion marketing and publishing within and outside of Second Life®.

For more information please contact Jesika Contepomi, Chief Marketing Officer for AVENUE Inc.