FASHION CALENDAR: TOMA Presents “Frosty Formals” 12/05 1PM SL

Photo by Wicca Merlin
Models Katherine Comet & Aspen Parx
wearing Blaze formalwear

TOMA presents Frosty Formals!

Saturday, Dec. 5
at 1PM SLT (PST)

Designers include: Rebel Hope, Bliss Couture, Exclusiva (VictoriaV), Blaze, Gems & Kisses, FineSmith Jewelry, Kastle Rock Couture, Sun Eskimos, RH Engel Jewels, Moxie Polano, AND MORE!


FASHION CALENDAR: AVENUE Presents Smooth Designs Fashion SHow 11/29 3PM SL

AVENUE Models is proud to present the latest designs from Aeris Shenlin of Smooth Designs. This show promises to mystify and capture the audiences attention with Shenlin’s extreme creations and elaborate attention to detail.

29 November 2009, 3PM SLT



Aeris Shenlin, owner and designer behind the stunning creations of Smooth Designs, came into Second Life in late 2006 and “fell right through the screen”, as one of her friends puts it.

She began building about four months later, starting off with mysterious artifacts, however finding the market for the holy grail was small she then veered into a full range of costumes. Having made quite a name for herself in these 3 years, Aeris’ designs, both jewelry and costumes, are loved for their attention to detail and realism. In this time she has created over 300 role-play costumes and dresses, and over 250 pieces of jewelry, and a few cottages and castles to throw in the mix.

Much of her inspiration has come from childhood memories of watching her mother beautifully create silk art work and growing up around such beautiful clothing.

For more information please contact Aeris Shenlin.

AVENUE Models, the premier modeling agency in Second Life®, is well known for their professional organization of lavish and creative fashion events driven by unique and effective marketing and promotions.

AVENUE Inc, the parent company of AVENUE Models, AVENUE Studio, AVENUE Models Academy and AVENUE Magazine, was founded by Rusch Raymaker, CEO in 2007. With a team of highly professional and qualified fashion, creative and marketing professionals, AVENUE strives to continuously promote the Second Life® Fashion Industry to a higher level.

Leading the first fashion track and publishing AVENUE Magazine in print at the Second Life Community Convention 2009, AVENUE continues to break new grounds in fashion marketing and publishing within and outside of Second Life®.

For more information please contact Jesika Contepomi, Chief Marketing Officer for AVENUE Inc.



* AD taken from AVENUE Press Release for Smooth Designs Show

Tributes: My FACT Family

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone.

I just want to pay tribute to a terrific group of people who love and support me regardless of who I am or what I have accomplished. I am so lucky to find this group of friends whom I called family. THANK YOU SO MUCH for just being yourselves. I love you all truly. =)


F: Friends
A: Always
C: Come/Care
T: Together

This is a Family of Friends who found one another in Virtual World and are now a close Family. =) The FACT FAMILY is founded in the name of Trust, Respect, Love, Friendship & Togetherness as one would find in a real caring family. WE are a family who love, support, care and be there for each other as REAL LIFE and the Virtual World can be stressful and lonely. We encouraged respect, honesty, love, kindness, common courtesy and of course lots of fun. WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT ANY DRAMA. We discouraged any of our family members to cause or be part of any drama. ALL THE MEMBERS ARE EQUAL…We have no hierarchy ladder. We do not require the members to change their names or profile. We do not have any monthly fees and we are not about making profits or rays. We are not a CULT. We are not a sex group. We don’t have any weird family practices. Whatever each of our members are into are their own business. We encouraged individuality and respect each member’s lifestyle here as long as it does not hurt anybody. In short, We are just a group of close friends who care about each other, respect everyone and are here to have fun.

We are all unique but came together as ONE. We came from different parts of the world and are comprised of different races, ages, gender, sexual orientation, etc…BUT we share something in common…THE BONDS OF FRIENDSHIP.


IMAGE Models Agency cordially invites you to 007 Goldfinger Fashion Show, Saturday, November 28th 1:30 SLT
The finest in casual and formal wear that defines James Bond and the Bond women. It is Elegant & Sophisticated with a hint of danger featuring the finest design of

☆ Shiryu Mushashi of Mushashi-Do ☆
☆ Sysy Chapman of Sysy ☆
☆ 2408 Alekseev of 24 Shoo Shoes ☆


Amber Quinzet
Anastacia Markova
Burning Bright Nightfire
Cate Honi
Rod Insippo
RicoRacer Flux
Seashell Dench
Seph Ishelwood
Seth Diabolito
Wicca Merlin

Host: CandiO Conteponi
Runway Coordinator: Lola Baudin
Machinma: Ethan Haalan

FASHION & POETRY: One Night Stand by RicoRacer Flux

POETRY: One Night Stand by RicoRacer Flux
MODEL: Amber Quinzet
PHOTOGRAPHER: Keltoi Recreant
Underwear – Marylin Green by Angel Dessous
Shoes – Maitreya ChiChi Velvet Green
Hair – Truth


In the hushed overtones of dawn, I know we had great sex last night.
I know it by the look in her eyes,
the smile in her lips,
the way she kisses me afterwards.

In the quiet act of getting dressed, I know she won’t call.
I know it by the look in her eyes,
the smile on her lips,
the way she kisses me afterwards.

In the silence of our departure, I know I mean nothing to her.
I know it by the look in her eyes,
the smile on her lips,
the way she kisses me afterwards.

In the sad serenity of our goodbyes, I know I will soon be forgotten.
I know it by the look in her eyes,
the smile on her lips,
the way she kisses me afterwards.

In the emptiness of my heart, I know I’m just a one night stand.
I know it by the sadness on my eyes,
the forced smile on my lips,
the empty void I feel afterwards.

MODEL INFO: Amber Quinzet
Ive been modelling since June 2009 after being drawn into the world of runway and print by the amazing designers, talented photographers and the fabulous shows put on by the Agencies. Ive worked hard to develop my skills and have trained at some of the best Agencies along the way, Avenue Models Academy, SuperELITE, Evane under Mimmi Boa/Salvo Waydelich and Catalyst of Fantasy.

I am I suppose still relatively new to the business but I’d like to think Im up and coming 🙂 and I am getting busier everyday. So I’m really starting to see the benefits of all my hard work and training. I currently work for Evane and SW & MB Productions, IMAGE, Catalyst of Fantasy, JSE Modelling, KABUKI, Infinite FOCUS, UNIQUE and Im proud to say recently selected by Agnes FInney to be one of her My Precious Models.

My biggest achievements include, runway model during the Virtual London Fashion Show with UNIQUE for the RL Designer Marie Grachvogel with SL’s Nils Tomorrow, having my picture in the London Evening Standard and Avenue Magazine November and also being a top ten finalist for SuperELITES SuperSearch Mr & Miss Autumn. Both of these were an absolute privilidge to be part of.

Modeling can be exhausting but also so rewarding and I have met some very talented people and made some amazing friends. All of who make the whole experience fantastic. See me in my next show for IMAGE – Gold Finger :).

Miss Virtual World Contestants 2010 Continued…

Confessions of a SL Top Model presents the candidates of MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2010 here in our blog. Pictures presented were taken from MISS VIRTUAL WORLD press release courtesy of Mr. Frolic Mills.

TIME: 11:00 AM SLT

We are very proud to present in our blog the 24 contestants of MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2010:
Presenting the final 8 contestants in alphabetical order by country.