SPOTTED: RUNWAY Picture of the Week


Runway Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week: November 1st week

MODEL: Katherine Comet

PHOTOGRAPHER: Tillie Ariantho

SHOW: BOSL Fashion Week

FASHION: Dress/Hair/Jewels: Sonatta Morales
Shoes: Stiletto Moody


Picture of the Week: November 2nd week

MODEL: Dancer Dallagio


SHOW: Body Talking “Synthesis”

FASHION: Meal Culpa

Pose: Body Talking


PICTURE of the WEEK: November 2010 3rd Week

MODEL: Fann Hyun

PHOTOGRAPHER: Tillie Ariantho

SHOW: SuperElite’s Japan Fashion Week
Date: 6th November 2010

FASHION: Sweetaholic – Reien 1.0


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