SuperELITE Japan Fashion Week: Thursday “Honey”

SUPERELITE Japan Fashion Week



(terian Demina)

Thursday 4rth November 2010 @ 12PM & 6PM

“Japan Fashion Week”.

This week long event has been a collaborative effort between the teams at SuperELITE headed up by Amber Quinzet, COO and Agata Models Agency headed up by Sora Tatham, CEO.

The aim of this week of shows is to recognise the amazing talent and skill of the Japanese designers in SL who often go unrecognised.  SuperELITE were keen to bring the Japanese market to a European and USA  audience and Sora Tatham of Agata kindly offered her support.

We have some of the best examples of Japanese Designers featured during this week.  We will demonstrate a variety of styles from the more traditional, to the unusual to the modern and latest fashion trends.

In order to help ensure we reach the widest possible audience we have structured our show times accordingly, see below for show information.

We will send notices and landmarks nearer the time for each show.

We hope you will come and support SuperELITE and Agata and the wonderful Japanese Designs that will be on display.

Thank you


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AVENUE Exclusive TD Templates 2010

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*photo by blackLiquid Tokyoska