Limited Edition: The Day the Sun Exploded Aitui Tattoo

Limited Edition: The Day the Sun Exploded

A limited edition tattoo featuring a sun to explode and a bit of chaos. Angry animals, confused birds, and disoriented planes.

The tattoo reads:

“Everyone left,
and everything fled.
There was great chaos
and billows of smoke.
One day the stars
will shine again”

Only 111 are being sold and then the tattoo will retire. Now is your chance to have something a little more unique. (Note: This is not flash work so you will not find it anywhere else in SL!) Comes in all layers, 3 shades, unattached versions, complete versions, & hair base only versions.

You can get it here at the one eleven event

This is *not* available @ AITUI

Styles of edo Narkissos Show

Styles of edo

Narkissos 10th show  will be November 27th
at 2:00PM SLT Narkissos Fashion Show, Styles of edo

Alafolie, Angel Dessous, Azul, B!Fashion,Blacklace, BlissCouture,  Crie Style, Garcons Tokyo,grasp,Jolie Creations, Kunglers, M&M, Marianela’s Art in- Fashion , Mashooka, MEB, Morea Style, Prism, Sascha’s Designs, Sonatta Morales, ,The Sea Hole,Vanity Hair, Virtual Impressions & VoguE

Director Phillip Dollinger
DJ Ellendir Khandr

Styles of edo mananager
StarliteStarbrite Constellation

Styles of edo owner edo Tone
Styles of edo,Main shop,Tuxedo, Tailcoat, Men’s formal fashion