Second Life Eye Candy Sexiest Pictures

SL Eye Candy Sexiest Flickr Pictures

MODELS: Liv Klaar & Sergio Sommer


This picture made it to the TOP SHELF & FRONT PAGE at the candy store.

Do you have what it takes to be SEXY?

If you think you can cause traffic accidents when you strut your stuff on the street or cause sudden mental breakdown and excessive drooling…

This group is for you.

Post those SEXY HAWT pictures. No Drama and Have Fun.

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Asymetrique New Modeling Agency Casting

. Asymetrique .


Are you tired of seeing the same type of models all over the grid?
Faces that look just like the rest, similar styles, average bodies…

Asymetrique is NOT a Modeling Agency.  Asymetrique is a collective of models specialising in a wide range of diversity. We aim to provide experienced models with unique styles to our clients, whether for print work, blogging, or other media needs.

We are different; we do not look like the rest… Tall, short, ethnic, cute, chic, glam… we have it all!

Versatile, stylish, talented, reliable. We know how to do it and we do it well.

We embrace differences, we are diverse.


Asymetrique holds two castings per year: The Winter and Summer castings.

What are we looking for?
– Unique style and appearance
– Females or Males
– Any type: cute, ethnic, ebony, short, tall, glam, asian, girlie, nordic, latina, indian…
– Are you a blogger who always wanted to model but did not know how to get started? This is your chance!
– Do you have a huge inventory full of accessories, shoes, hair, skins, clothes, etc….? We are waiting for you!
– And no… we don’t want just tall and thin models… if you have a proportionate body and an outstanding sense of style: You can be an Asymetrique Model!
– You think you are different from the rest?… We want you!

How to participate:

РFill an the application  and send it back to Leah McCullough before: 6am SLT November 30th 2010

What happens next?
– We will evaluate all the applications
– If chosen, you will be sent all the information about the live casting:
– what you are expected to do
– the time
– date

– Invitations will be sent out privately, no information will be given out in groups or websites.
– Please DO NOT contact any member of Asymetrique about the casting results, if chosen, we will contact you.


If you have any questions about Asymetrique do not hesitate to contact Leah McCullough either in-world by IM or notecard or by email:

Thank you for your interest!