This is a wake up call!

ABOUT C O R P U S ™ association with NO H8!

The story begins when I read a NC for my partner in this cause, Editorial Clarity.
My best friend in real life is gay, and he is always fighting against all types of discrimination. People forget that being gay, bisexual… whatever people sexual orientation, they are human kind as well! And what I love about my friend is his capability of dealing with this situations, always being hurted and always moving forward and chin up. He is a very strong, spectacular person and hell YES, declared as a gay in society! I love him for the guts he has assuming what he is to the world, without afraid and proud above all circumstances.

I wanna thank Editorial Clarity as well for having this amazing attitude and for his acceptance when it comes to this campaign!
Ty Edi, we hope a least to make a bit of a difference!
I’m super proud of you!

C O R P U S ™ is giving poses for this campaign for free, a couple pose! And the poses can be used individually as well!
One favor I ask you, IF you have good sense, don’t take the poses just to have the poses, but because you support this cause! Be man/ woman enough and decent take it if you only believe in this!

My appreciation
Diconay Boa
C O R P U S ™ Owner & Designer

About Dico
Everything directly related with Fashion and Modeling… This is my passion! Just can’t see myself doing other thing! I absolutely love photography, I do my own photography when I can! As a RL Designer I design as well in Second Life, for my recent lingerie brand ‘Body Study’… My interests go beyond all this activities, but this I referred are so far the ones that make me really happy!
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SuperELITE Japan Fashion Week: Friday “SCARS”

SUPERELITE Japan Fashion Week



(Sin Knoller)

Friday 5th November 2010 @ 12PM & 6PM

“Japan Fashion Week”.

This week long event has been a collaborative effort between the teams at SuperELITE headed up by Amber Quinzet, COO and Agata Models Agency headed up by Sora Tatham, CEO.

The aim of this week of shows is to recognise the amazing talent and skill of the Japanese designers in SL who often go unrecognised.  SuperELITE were keen to bring the Japanese market to a European and USA  audience and Sora Tatham of Agata kindly offered her support.

We have some of the best examples of Japanese Designers featured during this week.  We will demonstrate a variety of styles from the more traditional, to the unusual to the modern and latest fashion trends.

In order to help ensure we reach the widest possible audience we have structured our show times accordingly, see below for show information.

We will send notices and landmarks nearer the time for each show.

We hope you will come and support SuperELITE and Agata and the wonderful Japanese Designs that will be on display.

Thank you


The MENSTUFF Hunt: Coming Soon.

The Menstuff Team has decided that the best way to really kick off our new group would be with the announcement of our first hunt. On January 29th, 2011, the inaugural Menstuff Hunt will begin. We already have an amazing list of more than 100 designers in our group, as well as close to 1500 members.

While it may be our first Menstuff Hunt, our team is well experienced in organizing hunts and large events and we promise to make this something special. Add it to you calendars and join the in-world group to keep up to date with our progress and information on new releases, gifts and sales from SL’s top men’s content creators.

If you are a designer of men’s items and would like to participate in the Menstuff hunt, contact Gabe Bookmite or Garrett Ceriano by notecard in-world.

If you would like to join the Hunt -Join here secondlife:///app/group/a8703562-6a52-20df-81a9-9aeed5dc091c/about

For more info:

2011 Styles of edo Tuxedo Collection Fashion show

2011 Styles of edo

Tuxedo Collection Fashion show


Presented by Styles of edo
Designer:edo Tone
Director:Phillip Dollinger
Models:Team edo


Save the date! November 6th (Sat), 2pm SLT
Show Location:
Styles of  edo Main shop: