SAMBA de BRAZIL By Champagne! Sparkling Fashion


CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion is excited to share with you a new version of our very popular SAMBA and this is appropriately named SAMBA de BRAZIL!

The top and bottom bikini-base of this outfit, along with the prominent, high-standing collar are made in a striking pattern of green, gold and black. Adorning both the top and bottom are golden gems set in green swirls and flexi-chain jewelry that move with you.

And then the magnificent feathers!!! Volumes and volumes of spectacular green and yellow feathers on your back bring this outfit alive with color, movement, and sensational brilliance!! The headpiece of SAMBA de BRAZIL, too, contains these gorgeous feathers attached to a cap that matches the pattern of the bikini (and the matching gloves with cuff detail), and are accessorized with bright green musical clefs and gold jewels!

And just when you think it cannot get any better — streamers of gold sparkle adorn this outfit on both sides, falling all the way to the floor, and accented with additional, stunning green jewels and large green swirls which also attach to the back and complete this resplendent ensemble. Ladies, as great as SAMBA is, SAMBA de BRAZIL is equally sophisticated, glitzy, glamorous, and astonishing in its own right!!

This would make the perfect Carnivale or Mardi Gras ensemble, and we guarantee that all eyes will be on you when you enter a room with this sensational myriad of feathers, glitz, and sparkle adorning your body!

share in the joy that is SAMBA de BRAZIL!

Talyia Tarber has also graciously created a complimentary, gorgeous makeup GS Peacock Feather Makeup 512 (see attached photo). If you wish to purchase this makeup to complete the look, you can do so at Garded Secret


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