FINESMITH Inspiration Project


★FineSmith Designs Inspiration Project will become FineSmith Designs annual contest to select the FineSmith Muse.

INSPIRATION PROJECT – monthly till October

★ All contestants must be a member of the FineSmith Jewelry group for dates and announcements of the castings/shows.

★ 5 models will be chosen in a live casting for FineSmith Designs Inspiration Project.

yula Finesmith – FineSmith Designs Designer & CEO
Arisia Ashmoot – FineSmith Designs Manager
blackliquid Tokyoska – FineSmith Designs Syle & Image Manager
Rissa Friller – FineSmith Designs Miss Stylista 2011
Topaz Joubert- Maniera CEO
Frolic Mills- BOSL CEO

★ From the 5 at least 1 model will be chosen to appear in the next FineSmith Designs magazine ad along side our lovely FineSmith Stylista, Rissa Friller.

★ yula Finesmith will create a unique jewelry item or jewelry set inspired by and named after Each of the 5 models during the selected month.

★ The 5 models will be invited to appear in an in store fashion show to display the new jewelry.

★ At the end of the in store fashion show – 3 of the 5 models will be selected to compete in the FineSmith Muse 2012 finals.

★ If you are selected as one of the lucky 3 models to join in the FineSmith Muse 2012 finals please make sure you mark the below dates for the finals on your calendar
as there will be no exceptions for no shows.

★In order to Join FineSmith Designs Inspiration Project please fill the following application

★ All the notes regarding this contest must be dropped in FineSmith mailbox  located in the Mainstore

★ All the Inspiration castings and shows will take place in FineSmith Designs Mainstore catwalk

★Inspiration project will run until October and the last Inspiration show will be on the last sunday of October.


DATE:November 27, 2011
ASSIGNMENT – Our 30 Semi finalists will be asked to style ONE LOOK ONLY – theme to be announced closer to date

★.30 Inspiration Project models will be given a styling assignment –  models who create the best styling in the chosen theme will be competing for a spot in our final 15.


DATE:December 11, 2011
ASSIGNMENT – Our top 15 finalists will be asked to style ONE LOOK ONLY – theme to be announced closer to date

★The Finals will take place on blackliquid Sim.

★The Final will be Broadcast Live on


FineSmith Muse 2012 – most inspiring model in the contest.
★30K contract with Finesmith

★Replace rissa Friller as The Face of FineSmith Designs

★Apear Professionally photographed FineSmith magazine ads for 6 months.

★Will have  12 pieces od the FineSmith Designs collection named after or represented by her image.

★Receive all FineSmith jewelry created throughout 2012.

★Lead model for FineSmith fashion shows.

★Goodie bags from our sponsors.

Finesmith Stylista  best styling – 10K contract with Finesmith
★Jewelry set named after the model

★Professionally photographed Ad in known SL magazines.

★goodie bags from our sponsors

★Opportunity to join all FineSmith Designs shows

★50k storecard for FineSmith Designs.

Best Image-Prize to photographers involved in the Inspiration process

★The best image created for the contest and the photographer will get 15k photographic contract with FineSmith Designs
creating ads for FineSmith Designs that will appear in the best SL Magazines.

Goodluck to you all
keep the fire
keep the enthusiasm
❤ yula Finesmith.