GreenZone. Detect zF RedZone. Keep your privacy!


There are SIM scanners that scans for people that uses copy bots and their alts, like zF RedZone. At a first glanse this seems to be a great thing. But there are back sides, serious back sides.

Imagine that you have an alt, and want to keep that a secret.
The SIM owner and other zF RedZone owners will see that you are the same.

Imagine you run SL from an Internet café, a computer club, at work, at school, hotel etc.
(You can run SL from a USB, did you know?)
Someone before you had been running a copy bot there.
You will immediately be known as an alt of that avatar, and banned.

This system scans for zF RedZone and give you a warning.
If you follow the instructions your avatars IP will not be scanned.
You will keep your privacy, your integrity!

We decided to make this “anti system” because we feel it is not right to log peoples IP addresses and reveal peoples alts and because of all the false positives.”

From the SL Blog:

“The problem is that RedZone and similar products assume that all avatars with the same IP are alts. That means that everyone in your household sharing your router, everyone on a college campus sharing a single outbound IP, everyone behind a company router, they are all alts of each other. All the 200 or so residents at my mother’s condo building are also all alts of each other. Everyone who uses the local public library computer are also all alts of each other.

If one person gets banned, everyone behind that router gets banned whether they did anything or not. And that’s the objection.

Many, if not most, people have temporary IP addresses that change regularly, sometimes as often as daily, others each time they reboot their router. If the random IP that your router gets happens to be one that’s on the banlist, you are automatically banned because, obviously, you are them.”


* I did not write this article but was asked to post it here for anyone interested. As a blogger/writer, I believe in freedom of speech and I don’t judge on others point of views or expressions. I try to be objective and I want to give everyone a chance to be heard here, whether I agree or not. Please don’t ask me to take down this post or any other post simply because you disagree. If you have any problems, kindly leave a comment but abusive derogatory comments will not be posted without your SL name attached. Ty. =) *RicoRacer Flux