42 GROUP Space is Now ENABLED in Second Life

You can have 42 Groups now in Second Life!!!!

Here is what you do to set it up on Phoenix.

Download the new Phoenix viewer update SSE.

Then log on  and go to advanced then debug settings.

Type in Phoenix40 group support..( it should come up as you type in the word phoenix)
Change the bottom to TRUE.
Relog and check your groups.


“Apparently LL has enabled 40 groups on the servers. I would HIGHLY suggest you do NOT join more than 25 groups until LL announces this officially. I HIGHLY suspect they are just testing, and when they disable the 40 groups, you may lose all your groups or some of your groups… or maybe just explode. Please wait for word from LL!!!!

Jessica Lyon



As of yesterday afternoon, the group limit is 42.

Note that you will need a viewer that supports >25 groups (such as the 2.4 viewer) in order to take advantage of the new limit, as older viewers have the limit hardcoded to 25.

More details will follow shortly on the official blog.

Maestro Linden


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