BOSL Radio Takeover Preview

Join Editorial Clarity today, 1/21/11 Friday at 12 PM SLT for a warm up of his new show:

BOSL Radio Takeover. Guests will be Eshi Otawara, Viola Rookswood AND MORE .



Also Catch:

The BOSLradio Takeover presents “Who Markski Loves Today”
– Wednesdays-Thursdays-Fridays starting February 1st
– Segment is at 12:30 SLT (Show is from 12:00 – 2:00pm)


LC Angels Casting Call for SL Models

LC Angels will be holding an open casting for agency models.  We are an established modeling agency that is looking for dedicated models with a good work ethic.

We will have open casting days on Sunday January 23rd and Monday January 24th.
Please read the attached notecard for information and your application to the agency.

Thank you
Shaza Denver
LC Angels Modeling Agency

~~~~ Copy and Paste the Application below to a Notecard~~~~~~~~~~~~

Please rename this notecard with your name,  for example  LC Angels Application ( Your name here).  Return this notecard as soon as possible back to Shaza Denver.  For the castings please dress to impress in the look that best describes your style.  If there are any questions please IM me if I am online or notecard me if I am offline.  I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.   Please note there will be three casting times on Sunday and one casting time on Monday.  Times are at the bottom of the notecard.

1) Avatar Name:

2) SL Rez Date:

3) RL Time Zone:

4) What interested you in being a model?

5) Previous modeling experience:

6) Your goals:

7) Who is your inspiration?

8) Is your shape modifiable?

9) Is it a brand? if so which?

10) Please list your 5-10 skins favorite skins (Please put a * next to the most used):

11) Please list 5-10 of the hairs you own  (Please put a * next to the most used)?

12) Please list the name of your overrides, poses, huddles, and tell us what do you use when  you model?

1)   Have you had any prior modeling training?

2)    Have you modeled for any agencies?

3)    Have you been in any photoshoots or runway shows (more than 5), and are you comfortable with Lag?

4)    Can you move and adjust prims?

5)     Can you accesorize with confidence?

6)     Are you ready to wear what is assigned to you and wear it in the best style possible?

7)   Do you have a model portfolio?

8)   Do you have a useable resume?

Please insert three pics of you (full perm)

a) Headshot

b) Full Body

c) Your prefered look i.e. formal, casual.

Thank you for your interest in LC Angels Agency.   Please note that we have auditions at three appointed times on Sunday January 23rd.    Times for Sunday:
1pm slt
4pm slt

The casting for the agency on Monday will be held at 4pm slt.

Landmark for the casting

Thank you
Shaza Denver
LC Angels Modeling Agency


Radar Magazine Presents Angel Dessous Show

Radar Magazine Angel Dessous Fashion Show!

Radar Models will hit the runway in this not to be missed show.

The show will begin at 1pmslt and will feature the beautiful designs of Angel Dessous.

Radar Magazine will also be hosting an after party with a live DJ.

Show Location

After Party