SL art couture Presents: The Fashion Teller “SEX”

Pic Model & Photographer: Mikey Batriani


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We want to excite you,
melt away your inhibitions,
fill you up with desire,
titillate your senses and
leave you wanting MORE…

Angel Dessous: Nando Korobase

BlackLace: Mariska Simons

GLAM Affair: aida Ewing, Amberly Boccaccio

VITAMEN: Vitamen Hax

Finesmith Jewelry:

Faster Pussycat:


aida Ewing, Arisia Ashmoot, BlackBarbie Bravin, blackLiquid Tokyoska, Cade Nansen, Cieleste Magic, Harsch Sharktooth, Leandra Breen, Louise McWinnie, Lybra Rage, Mariska Simons Miaa Rebane, Mikey Batriani, Nando Korobase, RicoRacer Flux, Serene Faith, Steffy Ghost, Takeshi Kiama, Todd Anton, Trouble Inglewood, Vitamen Hax & Wicca Merlin.


blackLiquid Tokyoska, Cade Nansen, Lybra Rage, Mikey Batriani


Get Ready To Sweat.


MISS IRELAND 2011’s GOWN “IRISH” by Champagne! Sparkling Fashion is now Available.


I was proud to create IRISH for Carilynn OHare, who represented Ireland in the 2011 Miss Virtual World competition. I asked Carilynn to share her thoughts about IRISH and what it means. Here are her words:

“Creating an appropriate and meaningful national costume for the Miss Virtual World competition is a challenge for any designer. But Enzo Champagne captured perfectly my conceptual visualization when he designed IRISH.

The heart of IRISH is in its stunning symbolism. The back piece is a very large celtic shamrock which contains green, white, and orange jewels, symbolizing the colors of the Ireland flag. Celtic designs are a variety of mostly endless knots that are stylized graphical representations used for decoration and which were adopted by the ancient Celts. So it was important to me to have something in IRISH that was specifically “celtic” in nature. Hence, the celtic shamrock.

A long and regal emerald green train flows from the waist to the floor in a very grand sweep of color and majesty. Around the bottom of the train is striking gold edging that glistens against the brilliant green. Gorgeous!

The bodice and pants of IRISH are surrounded by a myriad of vines and shamrocks. The shamrock is the most recognized national symbol of Ireland and Enzo Champagne created volumes of beautiful shamrocks to cover the center and top of IRISH. He even included two small groups of shamrocks with green ribbons to hold in your hands!

And around the waist of IRISH is the Claddagh, which is a heart held by a pair of hands with a crown above. The hands symbolize friendship, the heart is love, and the crown is loyalty. In a nutshell, the meaning of the Claddagh could be summarized as ‘Let Love and Friendship Reign Forever.’

With St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon (March 17), it is not too early to make IRISH your own. CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion not only presents IRISH but is also making available for purchase the Tukinowaguma Carilynn Hair, Gems & Kisses Irish Moment Jewelry Set, and Avion’s MVW Ireland Clover Tears face tattoo and eyeliner in separate vendors in the store for a limited time, so that you can own the entire look.”

And with that, let me present to you IRISH! Take the landmark below and get ready to celebrate Ireland!

Enzo Champagne
for a glittering life!

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SPOTTED: SL Runway Picture of the Week: Antuanet Forcella

RUNWAY PICTURE of the WEEK: January, Second Week

MODEL: Antuanet  Forcella

SHOW: Estravaganza & AB Creations show

FASHION: Wearing “Wild flowers” design by Estravaganza
Earrings, Necklace and ring “Red flowers” by AB Creations
Hair: Casino Royal by Vanity Hair
Shoes: by N-Core


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