The Cottage Will Open TUESDAY!

Editorial Clarity and I are opening our home on Tuesday. It is a beautiful simple Autumn Cottage. Come by and make yourself at home. ❤

Love to Decorate

A place for real peace and tranquility. Nestled amongst the trees, the only sounds you hear are the singing of the birds, the wild animals and the movement of the River. 

cottage garden_001


cottage garden_003

garden seating_001

I think this is about the 9th 0r 10th Open House now and as far as vibes and atmosphere go, it is my favourite yet! The cottage itself is small compared to homes we have done before, but I think it all fits together in harmony. The Gardens, the little areas to sit and relax, the build, the pathways, the animals, the sounds! Everything together really works and it is such a nice place to spend time when In World! 

cottage garden_004


cottage garden_005

I have attached some more pictures here of the exterior of this home. These included shots of the Walled Garden, the Greenhouse extension which houses an Indoor Koi Pond, the little pathways which link each area of the…

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