The Edge of Glory for legendary Gianni Versace

For many fashion lovers out there, Versace is fashion powerhouse. For those not familiar, Versace is a well-known fashion house founded in 1978 which produces accessories, fragrances, makeup and home furnishings as well as clothes. What many people might not know is that its original designer and founder, Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace, was murdered back in 1997 but the brand still lives on.

To showcase some vintage items by Versace, I’ll let everyone view the new Lady Gaga video for inspiration since many in our community seem to love the artist. Lady Gaga gives her nod to Versace in the “Edge of Glory” video by wearing exclusively vintage Versace.

Inspire that. Vintage Versace.

Visit to view more inspiration.

View Versace’s Mens and Womens 2011-2012 Winter / Fall and 2011 Spring / Summer Fashion show here.