MODEL’S Closet: VIDEO Modeling Portfolio from Primajicka Studios


The SL Modeling World is very competitive. Need an edge?
Do you want people especially Agency Owners and Designers to notice your fashion style, modeling skills and ability to strut your stuff on the runway? Well, a Modeling Video Portfolio could be the answer.


MODEL: RicoRacer Flux
VideoGrapher: Synthia Quintessa from Primajicka Studio

INFORMATION about Primajicka Studio from their website:

Come to PriMajicka for the ultimate in design, event planning, and filming on Second Life.

The greater the discovery, the more meaningful the wedding or social debut, the more amazing the artistic creation the more it needs to be held in an magnificent arena, and orchestrated to fill your friends and clients with awe.

PriMajicka is the only truly visionary production studio to host your fashion events, model – video portfolios, weddings, commercials, and special events.

In Second Life dreams become reality and all limits are removed from what is achieved so it is even more important to use only the greatest, latest wizards of advanced technology and visual architecture. Designed by the best of the best on SL, PriMajicka will inspire the most jaded palates in its scope, detail, and ability to capture your event on video and present it to the realms.

Let our team of unimaginably talented creators dazzle you and all you know with their studio, and forever win your praise by preserving the most precious moments you shall ever experience.

PriMajicka Studios is the creation of designer/builder: Justin Arabello, fashion lover and videographer: Constantine Carpaccio and model and videographer: Synthia Quintessa. Justin Arabello is a graphic artist and 3D designer who came to Second Life to hone his skills and create an enhanced working portfolio. Synthia and Constantine originally joined Second Life in order to enjoy it and make friends, but quickly became aware of the immense creative output so evident in this virtual world. Having a strong interest in films, and particularly machinima, they both soon started with a simple video taken at a fashion event and spent the next few months honing their editing skills. At the same time Synthia became involved with the modeling industry and started putting her experience to use by filming runway events and parties wth Constantine Carpaccio giving his creative input- from there it was a small step toward offering their services to the public. Originally BNS Productions was born and now a collaborative effort has been made among these three individuals and PriMajcika Studios was created. Today, Primajicka Studios can offer custom-tailored videos for any occasion with a wide range of available services.

For Rates and Services Please Contact Constantine Carpaccio or Synthia Quintessa In-world or email us at