THE Brand New TREND Magazine


 Trend Magazine

Miss Leandra Breen, Miss Florentine Rau and Mr. Krise Shepherd has release a brand new magazine: * Trend Magazine * You can read the first issue  featuring Applonia Criss and Umberto Giano´s Del Vino restaurant, among other articles.


~ TREND Magazine – coming soon! ~

~ TREND Magazine – coming soon! ~

Coming March…

Do you ever see someone inworld or on flickr wearing something attention grabbing and say “Wow I wish I’d thought of that” or “I wonder where they got that?” and ping off them everywhere? Well Trend is the magazine for you!

Brought to you by some of the best models and photographers in Second Life, featuring the best designers in Second Life. A new spin on traditional, staid Second Life fashion magazines, Trend is written with you, the model, or fashion aficionado in mind.

Florentine Rau
Krise Shepperd
Leandra Breen