Out of the Darkness – More Infomation

Out of the Darkness  Charity Fundraiser to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse and to assist Jenni Eros&.

Items for Auction will end:(Thursday night/Friday early morning) Friday, July 30, 2010 at 12:31 AM

Date Auctions will end:Friday, July 30, 2010 at 9:18 PM slt.
If you want to bid on any of the 100s of items tp on in. Boards are open.  Simply pay the board for  your bid.  If you are outbid, you will be refunded & IMd.  Donation kiosks here also.Location:
Donation Kiosk
If you want to donate please follow the following instructions for sending items:
1)   DATE AUCTION       *If you want to participate, send the following:             Create a FOLDER named ODF_Date_Your name include in the folder the following one (1) full perm photo for the board renamed the same name as the folder. Also, include a full perm notecard with your info on it (Your name, and why the person would want to bid on a date for you.)   Pass the folder to me and I will get the boards up before the 25th, Please do not wait till the last minute. We can all donate 2hrs for a ‘date’

2)  ITEM AUCTION           If you have any item to include in the auction (clothing, furnishing, gift certificates, hair, anything) you need to do the following:  Create a  FOLDER named ODF_Auction_Item Name.   Include in the folder the following:  1)  the item (it must be boxed in a single prim, make sure it is transferable. It goes inside the vendor that delivers it automatically to the correct winner at auction closed)  Name the prim (if it is not already) a simple item name “Miami XYZ Gown, or GC to XYZ Store” … If it is in a single prim or is a single prim item, you can just send it in the folder.
2)  Next in the folder include a Notecard  that explains any specifics of the item (if it is a gift certificate, maybe a NC with a LM and a sim description in it, if it were clothing just describe it briefly).  You can name this NC:  ITEM NAME_Description
3)  A NC for the winner of the item ONLY IF they need to contact you for the transaction.  Just explain to them what they need to do to either set up the transaction or meet with you. You do not need to do this if the item is included, unless you want to just write out a simple thank you to include for the winner.
4) Last but not least a FULL Perm photo (it doesn’t have be professionally done, but I have to have something) of the item, or that gives the winner the visual idea of what they are bidding on.  This will be the display photo.  I cant put the item in without having a photo.

**If the item is not sold, please make sure to ck your inventory as I will return them before the 31st.

So lets get going, LMs will be sent out before tomorrow so we can get rolling… Ok bury me now with the items *braces and gets ready for Opium Power*
Michela Benazzi