I am absolutely thrilled to tell you about this amazing modeling secret that a lot of Top Models have been using.
Honestly, I have been a big fan of it since I’ve discovered it. I just love that it is so easy to set up and it works amazingly well in laggy environments. I can strut my stuff on the runway without worrying that my poses might fail. Don’t believe me? Then TRY IT FOR YOURSELF. =)

You can buy it in HSPL @ Afton for only 200L (MOD/COPY/NO TRANS)


The STRUT IT Modeling Hud Co-Creator Kryptonia Paperdoll has kindly let us interview her about this amazing modeling tool.

1. How and Why did you come up with the Strut It Modeling Hud?

On the earlier years of my Modeling Career, I used manual poses and a walk replacer as I competed for the Face of Ms. L’oreal 2007 (which I am proud to be a Finalist and reached Rank 5, although I was new on modeling industry as I compete the contest). They told us to use a Quick Pose Hud which was a nice hud but only 10 poses can be use on it and its a no copy hud.

A few years later and few more HUD to use, I thought of something new, why not a HUD with a combination of Walk Replacer and Model Poses in one gadget? And why not more than 10 poses? As a Model, You need more than 10 poses sometimes.

So I ask Mango Splash to script for me and told him my idea and what I want on the HUD. After a few weeks of testing and improving it, We asked some Model Friends to test it for us. Some tested it on a laggy and full sim with 75-80 people in 1 event.

We ask them to send us feedback, so we can improve or change on HUD….and as you can see it works. Some Models are using it now and I don’t use any other HUD anymore, only STRUT IT.

2. What are the benefits of this product for the models and fashion industry?

Setting up one gadget at one time. We made is as easiest as we can, convenient and friendlier to use.
If you are STRUT IT user, you know the difference from the other HUDS. On this HUD you can set up till 6 sets, means if you have 6 Outfits to show in one Show and you need 10 poses per Outfits and a walk, you can set up 60 POSES and Walks in this HUD. Of course you can put as many poses as you can.

3. How has this product been tested?

This product was distributed to some of my Guinea Pigs (ROFL) who were happy to be one hehehehehe. We test it as audience on a show with 75 People. We click each button and each set up to see how it works on a laggy sim. We are happy to see the result that this HUD is stable and useable.

4. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about this product?

STRUT IT – Simple, Friendly Gadget for your Modeling needs in an affordable price 🙂


Modeling Hud ver 1.4

**Adding Poses or Walk Animations**
Its easy and no notecard configuration needed.

1. Rez the Hud on the ground, right click on HUD, choose EDIT from pie menu and click CONTENT button.

2. Drag ur Poses or Animations on Contents

**Button list from top to bottom**

Hide/Show Button :
Click : 1: Shows All Buttons, 2: Hides Unused Buttons 3: Hides All Buttons.
Hold : Brings up Main Menu.
Vertical : Switches to a Vertical View.
Horizontal : Switches to a Horizontal View.
Reset : Resets the Script, (Warning) Reset Clears all Setup Poses and Walks.

Set Button:
Click: If you click Set button, you can scroll Set 1-6
Hold: To choose from Menu, just hold it for 3 seconds and a MENU appears

Stop Button :
Click Stop Button to stops current Animation

Walk Button :
To choose from Menu, just hold it for 3 seconds and a MENU appears where you can choose Current Walk Animation.

Pose Button 1 – 10 :
Click: Plays Animation for Current Set and Button
Hold: Brings up menu to choose Current Set’s Button Animation.
(Note) Button will be Transparent Until it has an Animation Set.

For any questions or assistance needed, contact the following:
Mango Splash
Kryptonia Paperdoll