MODELS: RicoRacer Flux & Valentine (Sachy) Rexen



***New Release Mesh Cardigan from Strip’d Fashion called “AERYK”.
The Aeryk Cardigan comes with a hud where you have 10 cardigan options, 10 Shirts and 10 Ties…so you have a lot of different looks to choose from. I love this school uniform look. I think it is very cool and cute. It takes me back to my younger school days back in high school at a private Catholic school where we had to wear uniforms. The amazing thing about this cardigan is that you can have so many combinations to create your perfect look. It comes with a hud that allows you to change the color of the cardigan, shirt and tie. As always, it is very affordable.

Flagstore – maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jellybeans/78/204/2002

Zenshi Store – maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zenshi%20South/177/52/30

MP – marketplace.secondlife.com/p/stripd-Aeryk-Cardigan/4356458

***New Unisex hair “DURA #39” by Dura (Chiaki Xue)

I chose this new release hair from DURA called DURA #39 unisex for boys and girls. It is the perfect hairstyle for that “Rebel without a Cause” look. It is carefree and windblown. The perfect hairstyle for winter where you let your hair grow a little longer. It comes in a variety of colors and as always, it is high quality. Thank you Chiaki Xue. ❤

rico snap_001


Remember the younger school days of feeling like a rebel? You feel untouchable and you think “Life couldn’t get any better”.

Life was so carefree and full of promises. You wake up each day with wonder and a sense of adventure.

Skipping school and hanging with the “IN” crowd, doing naughty things. Smoking in the bathroom and making out behind the bleachers.

Breaking hearts and playing with LOVE like it’s a new discovery. Dreaming of the future where you can be what you want to be.

Staying up all night believing that all dreams come true and planning to see the world in grand style.

Those were the days and here’s hoping you still believe in your dreams and you never lost that sense of adventure. ❤

Skipping School

Skipping School by strip'd Fashion

STRIP’D Aeryk Mesh Cardigan

The newest release for men, the Aeryk Cardigan. Comes with a hud where you have 10 Cardi options, 10 Shirts and 10 Ties…so you have a lot of different options to choose from.

Flagstore – maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jellybeans/78/204/2002

Zenshi Store – maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zenshi%20South/177/52/30

MP – marketplace.secondlife.com/p/stripd-Aeryk-Cardigan/4356458

Thank you very much Dad (RicoRacer Flux) for taking this fantastic picture. He has just started using all the windlights and whatnot and already does a great job. Thanks again Dad! ♥


Strip'd Fashion


MODELS: RicoRacer Flux & Editorial Clarity

PHOTOGRAPHERS: RicoRacer Flux & Editorial Clarity

FASHION: Strip’d Fashion -Burkley Jacket-

The Burkley jacket is a brand new release for men from Strip’d Fashion. It is MESH and totally amazing because it comes with a HUD that lets you change the color of the jacket, shirt and tie into many different combinations to create the perfect look you want to achieve. It can be used for formal as well as casual, depending on the combination you want to create. Best of all, it is very affordable.

GET IT HERE: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/stripd-Burkley-Jacket/4304391h3>

RUNNING INTO YOU: The world is full of millions of people from different countries with their own cultures and languages. It is just amazing to me how people meet especially in a Virtual World called Second Life. I met my partner in SL and RL here and he lives across the Atlantic Ocean from me. I probably would never have met him if it weren’t for Second Life. What is even more amazing is that we fell in love and will be living together this summer in real life.

Edi, running into you back in 2009 when we met for the very first time was a very special day I’ll never forget. I heard your voice on the stream and I messaged you (which I never do btw) and asked you..”Is that your voice on the stream? Sounds very sexy.” Ever since then, you were stalking me until I finally married you. ;p

The chance of meeting someone and falling in love is very rare, whether in SL or RL. It is really a miracle that LOVE HAPPENS even in a virtual game. When you find love, treasure it and fight for it cuz once you lose it, you might never get it back. Never let anyone devalue what you have. Love is never a game even in a Virtual World. We are human beings behind the avatars and we all have feelings. I wish you all love and happiness. May you find your special someone. ❤


Our son Sachy asked us to model this latest release “Burkley” for a Vendor Ad for Strip’d Fashions. The idea behind it is Edi and I are two store front MANnequins on display in a posh high end store. I think it turned out very well. Thanks Sachy.


Perfect Picture Mannequins

Perfect Picture Mannequins by strip'd Fashion

The Newest release from strip’d Fashion is the Burkley Jacket!!! This jacket comes with a HUD that controls the texture change with 6 different jacket colors, 6 undershirt colors and 6 tie colors so you have countless options!!

GET IT HERE: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/stripd-Burkley-Jacket/4304391

And I can’t go without saying thank you to my parental units (RicoRacer Flux and Editorial Clarity) for modeling. Dad you did a great job coming up with the concept for this shoot…always brilliant! =)

Lonely Without You

Lonely Without You by strip'd Fashion


THE FIRST MENS JEANS!!!!! Yes, I know all of you have been asking; Where the heck are the men’s jeans?! Well, Nathaniel Jeans are hopefully the first of many to come.

MP – http://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/71407

In World – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Courtyard/80/205/22

Thank you to my Dad (RicoRacer Flux) for modeling these jeans and to both Dad and Pops (Editorial Clarity). They really helped to make these jeans very nice, giving me sometimes brutally honest remarks if they weren’t perfect! Thank you so much Dad and Pops, I ♥ you both dearly. =)




Wishing everyone a magical and fun filled Halloween.

MODEL: RicoRacer Flux
PHOTOGRAPHER: Valentine “Sachy” Rexen
FASHION: Strip’d Fashion “FINN” Jacket:

Do You Believe in Magic?
If you believe in magic, Come along with me.
We’ll dance until morning, just you and me.
and maybe, if the music is right
I’ll meet ya tomorrow so late at night.

Thank you to my SL son, Sachy for doing this picture. it is awesome ❤

PS: Go check out Our Latest Project: FEMME FATALE


RicoRacer Flux & Editorial Clarity: Finntastic


RicoRacer Flux & Editorial Clarity: Finntastic

Our son Sachy asked Edi and I to model for his latest men’s designer release called FINN…an amazing jacket that is full of character and charm. It is mesh and can be worn alone or with the optional shirt. The jacket is super affordable and can be found on the market place until the new Strip’d Fashion store opens. 😀


MODELS: RicoRacer Flux-CLarity ❤ Editorial Clarity-FLux
PHOTOGRAPHER: Sachy Rexen Flux-Clarity
FASHION: Strip’d Jacket FINN



Valentine Rexen aka Sachy Clarity-Flux (Edi and My Son) has created amazing MESH clothing for the Second Life ladies that want comfortable and beautiful yet stylish and classy casual chic style. His designs are fun and young but yet sexy and daring…a perfect combination for the free-spirited girl. Many of his outfits are just perfect for the summer look whether relaxing in the beach or out shopping. Whatever you are doing, One thing is for sure. BE NOTICED! Check Out STRIP’D DESIGNS.


MODELS: Editorial Clarity, Carley Benazzi & RicoRacer Flux

PHOTOGRAPHER: Magissa Denver


Blogger Spotlight: LisaMun Aronowicz “Strip’d Fashions”

Have You Been :[strip’d]:???

I was introduced to :[strip’d]: Fashion recently and instantly fell in love with the pretty dresses when I saw the clean lines and lovely vibrant hues! There are also separates, sunglasses and fashion for both men and women, so do drop by to see the whole range! And if (like me), you prefer to shop ‘online’, there’s always Marketplace!


Cadence [Black&White] (mesh-sun hat included) from :[stip’d]: Fashion and also on Marketplace –new! (other colours available)

Crazy Horse hair from Vanity Hair
Slither Jewellery Set (necklace, armband, bracelet, belly jewel, earrings) by JodiLyn Jewell on Marketplace–free
BLOG by LisaMun Aronowicz.