FASHION CALENDAR: Fashion Palace & SSMA Agency Presents Metamorphosis

Fashion Palace in Conjunction with SSMA Modeling Agency Presents

MetaMorphosis – The case of an SL avatar

Noon slt …………………..11th March 2010
Fashion Palace Centre

Metamorphosis is a show with a Difference !!,

We aim to take you on a journey which will have you laughing and crying as we take you from Noob island to the highest echelons of model superstardom in this very entertaining “walk” through what could have been your own SL life story as most will identify in so many ways to this show its one not to be missed .
How often can you come to a show like this in SL and go on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as the memories come flooding back of your own journey through SL,the witty retorts in the narration will have you entranced as we see our “cute lil noobs” start out on noob island and go through the different stages of development right through to walking through the doors and onto the runway like a fully developed swan totally transformed and gliding gracefully for the pleasure of their audience .
This show has all the thrills and spills of everyones SL and noone can afford to miss our wonderful models as they take to the stage as their original noob selves with all the coordination of a bull in a china shop.

so please make sure you get your seat early as this is one show not to be missed in 2010

the Metamorphosis Production team looks forward to seeing you